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von jbhphx

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The burning Firefox

von norelon

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FireFox 3D Black

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Skulls and Hearts Fox

von lilCystar

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von r4fay94

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MaDonnas Fairy

von MaDonna

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Grey Board by MaDonna

von MaDonna

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Lite Fall by MaDonna

von MaDonna

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Hi MaDonna, long time no critique! As you have designed approximately 3¾% of ALL the Firefox themes available and I change mine on a daily basis using an entirely random selection process it means I'm only likely to choose one of yours about once a fortnight on average!
I though this was a little unusual for you - did you branch out to produce commercial themes for corporations at one stage? Although it means nothing to me it is, of course, very well done and passes my first test of not needing lots of additional rows of blank toolbars in order to see the image properly - just one in this instance to get the bottom of the text in completely, although I could have got away with none in all honesty. I just hate wasting valuable web page space at the expense of unnecessary Firefox architecture.
Keep up the good work and no doubt I shall be commenting again in a fortnight or so; although such is the randomness of randomness it might well be tomorrow!

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