The NoScript add-on does not track, collect, store, reuse or share any data whatsoever about its users.

The "Site Info" feature, introduced in NoScript, provides privacy and security information about web sites shown in the NoScript menu, as soon as user middle-clicks or shift clicks one of them: when activated, after a one-time explanatory prompt, it sends a query containing the site domain to Also in this case, the data sent is used only to provide the Site Info page and it's not stored nor shared nor reused.

NoScript 2.0rc5 and above extends its protection against DNS rebinding to those attacks which specifically target your router's external (WAN) IP address. In order to protect it, NoScript needs to detect the WAN IP currently exposed to internet web sites by your HTTP requests: for this purpose, NoScript sends a completely anonymous query to the web service, which provides back this information on a secure channel, typically once a day. Again, no data except the aforementioned WAN IP address travels on the secure channel, and no user data at all is collected, nor stored, nor shared nor reused by InformAction or any other party.
This feature, enabled by default, can be disabled by unchecking "NoScript Options|Advanced|ABE|WAN IP ∈ LOCAL".

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