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Mobile Themes Collection von Mozilla

Featured themes for Firefox for Android!

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downloader von dawizard

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My Favorite Add-ons von Diego

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Firefox von Vincent pogi

add ons

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Android Add Ons von jooker583

Miscellaneous firefox extensions for Android.

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A3 Android von a3overgaauw

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Android von Mozinet

Extensions pour Android de Mozinet

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My Favorite Add-ons von mal916

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Mobile Addons von GaryOB

Addons I use on my Android tablet and phone.

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Mobile von Stephen Judge

Collection of Add-ons I use for Firefox for Android and/or FirefoxOS

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Full-Reviewed add-ons von kawori_aseno

In Fennec, Full-Reviewed add-ons are very few. These are all of them.
Excludes: (1)Mozilla "OFFICIAL," (2)non-rated, (3)Japanese description, (4)tagged by Mozilla, (5)fonts package.

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My Favorite Add-ons von Hellebaard

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mobile von acatacat

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My Favorite Add-ons von sloprlek

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