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Address Widget Lines

Address Widget Lines provides the ability to select the number of address lines to display in the message compose window.

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Attachemnt Encoding Detector

To detect file encoding of attachments, this forces to Thunderbird to use an encoding detector for a specific locale instead of the generic one.

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Automatisches Wechseln des Wörterbuchs Kein Neustart

Add-on, das die Sprache der Rechtschreibprüfung beim Schreiben einer Nachricht speichert und sie dann bei jeder Nachricht an diese Person wiederherstellt.

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Ein Eingabemethode-Editor für die vietnamesische Sprache. Tippe auf vietnamesische mit diakritischen Zeichen direkt in Webseiten oder Dialogfeld mit einer Standard Tastatur.

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BorderColors GT

How many time you sent an email from your wrong email address?
This add-ons allows you assign a different color to the compose window border for each of your email addresses. So you can immediately view from what account are you writing.

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Kategorie-Verwaltung für CardDav-Kontakte, erlaubt auch das Senden einer E-Mail an alle Kategoriemitglieder.

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Check and Send

Check the message contents and addresses before you send the message...

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Save frequently-entered text for pasting later.

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highlight code in email.

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Color Text Compose Buttons

Adds Text Color Buttons in Compose Toolbar and More: Pixel FontSize, Strikethough, Sub & Superscript, Lower & UpperCase. Also provide Tools: Insert iframe, Launch MathType, Maths & Greek Symbols, Load Template Variables and Duplicate Compose Window.

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Consigna para Filelink

Plugin para subir ficheros a Consigna (Junta de Andalucía) de forma automática desde Thunderbird.
Está ideado para el intercambio de ficheros de gran tamaño. Es un espacio de almacenamiento temporal y con algunas restricciones de acceso opcionales.

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Easily and quickly to encrypt / decrypt
For users: private messages via e-mail, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.
For webmasters: websites, images, photos, etc.
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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DL for Thunderbird

Allows to convert large attachments to links automatically without 3rd party providers.

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Don't Send Linked Files

Prevents sending of linked files if they are file: URLs.

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Email signature for Thunderbird - WiseStamp

Switch Thunderbird email signatures. Supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL & Outlook webmails. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter icons & more

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Emoji Menu

Adds the ability to easily insert emojis into your composed messages in Thunderbird.

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Save your email into Evernote by forwarding it to Evernote email address.
Before you use it, you need to specify your Evernote email address (see the screenshot).

This function can be invoked by "Forward to Evernote" in the context menu.

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Ethical signature

Add a button to the email composition toolbar, which lets you insert an ethical signature.

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Extra Format Buttons

Adds a font size (in pixels), strikethough, subscript and superscript buttons to Thunderbird's Compose Window.

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A Thunderbird extension that let you switch to cc: with the ALT+CTRL+C keyboard shortcut!

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