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Extra Format Buttons

Adds a font size (in pixels), strikethough, subscript and superscript buttons to Thunderbird's Compose Window.

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Fire Shabelet

Fire Shabelet is a Japanese Voice Reader Software for Mozilla powered by VDS.

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ownCloud for Filelink

Add ownCloud support to Thunderbird's filelink feature.

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DontPhishMe is an Anti-Phishing addon for Mozilla Firefox which utilizes the pattern matching techniques to provide the Malaysian Internet user with information and notification to protect them against online banking phishing website.

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Secure Addressing

This add-on provides features to avoid sending emails to wrong addresses. Key features are a confirmation window of recipient's addresses upon sending, name and affiliation look up at mail composition and main windows, and safe auto completion.

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Just Restart!

Restart application with Ctrl+Shift+Z.

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Permits to use several LDAP directories simultaneously for address autocompletion.

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Lightning Vorgestellt

Verwalten Sie Aufgaben und Termine direkt in Thunderbird - lokal, über Netzwerke oder über das Internet. Mit Lightning können Sie Freunde zu Terminen einladen, den Überblick über verschiedene Kalender behalten, öffentliche Kalender einbinden uvm.

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Abilita la gestione alternativa degli allegati P7M

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Minimize On Start and Close

A remake of the MinimizeToTray-extension made to fit the Windows 7 taskbar. Instead of minimize the window to the tray it minimize it to the taskbar. It can minimize on startup, when the window is closed and/or when the esc key is pressed.

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GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird Kein Neustart

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

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EmailPicky 4

Grab email addresses from emails from any selected Email Folder and add them to your contacts. (Email Crawler / Email ID Grabber / Bounced email collector) - Thunderbird Plugin

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Tag Sequence Arranger

Enable you to arrange the tag sequences in their listbox.

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Color Text Compose Buttons

Adds Text Color Buttons in Compose Toolbar and More: Pixel FontSize, Strikethough, Sub & Superscript, Lower & UpperCase. Also provide Tools: Insert iframe, Launch MathType, Maths & Greek Symbols, Load Template Variables and Duplicate Compose Window.

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Synchronizes Address Books in Thunderbird or Seamonkey with Google Contacts and can synchronize groups with mailing lists.

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Text2Link is a simple and easy-to-use way to copy the text of a link, or to open URLs and send emails to addresses not marked-up as HTML links.

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Instant access to your online shopping paradise. The more transaction you've made from our extension, the more point-cashback you'll get!

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TryAgain keeps trying to load a webpage when the server cannot be reached.

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Key Manager

KeyManager Tool: Firefox Add-on for Key Generation, Certificate Enrollment, CRL Signing, and Identity and Authority Delegation

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Wiedervorlage von Thunderbird E-Mails - mailmindr erinnert an E-Mails, um sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt beantworten zu können. Lightning oder andere AddOns sind nicht erforderlich. Erneute Vorlage einfach per Maus oder Tastatur einstellen.

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