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Dear Leszek

Truly useful and beautifully implemented add-on. I especially like that it can be combined with Copy Plain Text 2 functionality at will!

There is one more feature that I wish your extension had, which is available separately as CopyFixer ( I would love to be able to use this functionality together with AutoCopy 2, however, having an option to append the source URL to the clipboard contents (automatically on selection). As well as the templating/formatting possible in My CopyFixer.

Would it be possible to add the CopyFixer functionality to AutoCopy 2, perhaps in a similar manner to the way you added Copy Plain Text 2 functionality? That'd be awesome.


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Thanks for review, ratting and suggestions. Now I'm working on fix problems with clipboard - will be fixed soon. Next I plan add possibility move icon from addon bar to any toolbar, so users which not like addon bar will can AutoCopy icon move eg. to toolbar. Next I add feature copy plain text to AutoCopy, and next fully integrate Copy Plain Text 2 with AhtoCopy 2.