Semplice e veloce per Fennec

von Enrico Previdi

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URL Fixer von Wladimir Palant

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11.779 Benutzer

URL Fixer fixes common typos in URLs entered in the address bar. It will fix errors like "google.con" or "youtube,com". You have the option of being asked to confirm corrections before they are applied.

Home Links von Enrico Previdi

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This add-on gives you the ability to have your home button like in a desktop browser.
You can save from 1 to 4 links to open quickly with your new home button.

Tabs Utility von Enrico Previdi

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1 Benutzer

Automatically RELOAD of last open tabs, DRAG & DROP of tabs, GROUP tabs by web address and SORT in order of visit.

Useful if you want to drag tabs and move them like in Firefox for Desktop.

** Winner of Mozilla Mobile Add-ons Challenge! **

Fastest Scroll In The West von Enrico Previdi

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Scroll quickly the page. For navigation in long or large pages.

This extension is one of the Firefox Mobile Add-on Challenge Winners!

Hold4Tab von Almog B, almog2

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2 Benutzer

Open a hyperlink in a new tab by pressing and holding a link.

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