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Toolbar Autohide

Enables automatic hiding of toolbars (tabs, navigation, bookmarks and add-on bar) via context menu options. When hiding, toolbars will appear when the mouse is at the top of the window or when activated by keyboard (e.g. Ctrl-l, Ctrl-k, F10).

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Be Quiet!

Provides tool bar and keyboard media controls and more for several music sites. Adds automatic music pausing functionality when playing html5 videos or watching videos on Youtube.

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Scroll Progress

When scrolling vertically, shows a percentage indicator displaying how far down has been scrolled on the page.

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Newtab Ninja Kein Neustart

A stealthy ninja that kills off unwanted about:newtabs

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Combines bookmarks and tabs from the same site into site launchers on the toolbar. The launchers can be used either to switch to a existing tab or open a new one if none exist.

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Amazingly useful for add-on development. Saves me a huge amount of time compared to bringing up the DOM inspector and searching for an item.

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus

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Awesome, just what I was looking for! Was able to reclaim a tiny bit more of my screen (using Linux, so firefox doesn't hide the title bar when maximized by default).

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