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Integrated Google Mail

Google Mail + Google Calendar + Google Reader + ... + Google Mail Labs = Integrated Google Mail : All your Google Needs in One Place!

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DownloadPiggy - Video Downloader

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I have been using video download progrmas like this for a while, however never have I found one quite so compact but still feature rich. I think the thing that really sets this addon apart for me is the ability to parse a page for SWF files and then to download them easily. I wish that links to the SWF files would automatically download like the videos do rather then having to right click them. My only suggestion would be to gray out the icon in the right corner if there is nothing to download. This is definitely my new favorite download program.

Rainbow for Firebug

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I use firebug for all my script and addon development but always found it frustrating that JavaScript was never highlighted like the HTML is. Well this addon fixes all of that. Works like a charm. Can you add in the future custom colors? Thanks for this great Addon!


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This addon is great and fills a void I didn't even know existed. I live and die by gmail but I find spend a lot of time each morning just checking boxes to archive a large number of messages at a time. This allows a quick and easy way to select a set of messages at once. I would suggest that you try and add this feature natively into Firefox. It is unobtrusive and easy to use. The only thing I found is that it was a little lagy in GMail (but this is probably due to the JavaScript heaviness of it plus all the addons I have install for it) but it worked great (no lag) on all other sites. I do have one suggestion, by default it will toggle all check boxes in the selection, it would be nice that if you drag say holding the ctrl or alt key it would check all or uncheck all in the selection.


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There are a lot of similar programs on the web but I decide to try this one because of all the sites it supports. This is its most impressive feature. It did work for all the sites I tried. Having a simple icon in the corner of the browser is nice also. There were a few things I think could be improved in future versions. I don't like how when you click the icon to download the video it pops up an HTML window laden with ads (although this is personal preference to certain extent.) I think it would be better if when you clicked it, it just pops up a XUL based dialog box that would ask you what you want to save the file as and where (perhaps setting a default location in the options dialog) that then invokes the download. Right now it always defaults the name to get_video with no extension (probably to avoid triggering a default external program) you have to right click and hit save as to name it as you like. While this is fine it is a bit obtrustive. One last suggestion that would be nice if the icon grays out for sites that it can't download from. Right now it just pops a window with an error. Keep up the good work, I look forward to future versions. Thanks!

Gmail Sig

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This addon is perfect for someone like me who likes clean and nicely formed signatures that can be used cross webmails. The ability to include to have HTML based signatures that include pictures, such as a company logo is extremely useful. Its support for a ton of Web 2.0 features makes it quite scalable to any ones needs. One major drawback to this addon for me is that I need more than just two signature options. I need about four. =p

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TV Manager

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Interesting Addon, allows you to find out what is playing on all you favorite channels and set reminders to those shows. The icon in the bottom right corner that pops up with all your alarms is great and the main reason to use it. A couple of things that would make this perfect would be be... 1) Repeatable/configurable alarms (always alert for a given show at a given time) 2) Primetime showing more than one show. 3) A table based view rather then just a list. 4) A search option. I found that if I knew what I was looking for and when it was on I was good, but if I didn't it was hard to impossible to find. The only issue I had, though I couldn't repeat it with any other listing, was with when I tried to add Jimmy Kimmel Live it kept adding the alarm to the event above it in the list.

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