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An active life and mind will keep you young. I'm 70 years old and love what my life has been so far. So interesting. I wouldn't live in any other city than Rochester, NY. I love this town. Unlimited opportunities for education, music and social activities and never a dull moment unless you're brain dead. Having a manic mind has helped.

I quit working when I was 49. It was time after working without time off for some 37 years. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have made it another year. A sobering thought for me as a blue collar worker.

During that time I was fortunate to have jobs that some people would give an arm and a leg for. From being raised on a farm in the Appalachian Mountains when everything was powered by horses with no "modern conveniences" and no car, to being educated in Mechanical Engineering and working on computer mainframes, teaching skilled trades, working as an auto mechanic, driving big trucks, and 7 years in the US Navy working in ship's operations and aircraft control to building desk top PCs and programming for video editing and conversion.

I think New York State has the best fishing, boating and (after spending some 25 years as an amateur free lance musician playing the tuba) artistic and cultural activities.

I've been in every state, city, small town and village in the country as a truck driver along with most of Europe, Scandinavia, British Isles, the Caribbean, and Central America. All that is why I decided to stay in Rochester. It's safe here.

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Acronym Finder

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This is so handy. I use it several times a week when reading tech manuals and researching scripts. This should get a page 1 position, not so far in as it is. - World Clock Search

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The best for weather and any thing celestial. Totally safe.

Video DownloadHelper

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Works well on YouTube but fails miserably on Daily Motion. It will grab all the other junk on a video page, but will not DL the video in any format

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Video DownloadHelper

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I really miss the supported adult sites in the menu. There are ways to keep kids off them that will make it good for adults who want to watch porn. People don't even need to install Download Helper on their browser so it is not accessible. You could give people methods that might include cookie control, site access control and if you really believe that parents want to give their kids access to your specific site and list of videos, then you are mistaken. These are people who want to control what everyone watches. Their kids do not need access to your site. Hell, even YouTube tells people "no one under certain ages" and when users complain about exposure to so called "adult content", YT will tell them "it's your own fault". It is not my job to watch YOUR kids.

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Does not work. Has been installed several times ans doesn't recognize it.

Watch Live TV Online For Free

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Very problematic. My first click took me to a site that wanted to hi-jack FF22. My next trial took me to a joke site. When I tried to view any content of TV channels, the player would freeze and if you tried to change anything, you were taken to another SCAM site. There is a constant reminder that you need their HD player. It is a malware site. Seems anything you try is going to create trouble. I would NOT RECOMMEND this AP to any one. My belief is that you may do irreparable damage to your computer.=====================================I must say, that you didn't have my experience, therefore can not say what is true or not. I NEVER venture out with out Adblocker. I also use software that prevents pop ups along with WOT, Ghostery and AVG. None of these had an effect because your program had a direct link to where it took me. These did not look like ads or malware. Only AFTER selecting the link and being taken there did anything pick up on the malware. Why?? Because I was being told to install additional software that I do not need.