Alicia J. Alexander

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Name Alicia J. Alexander
Ort Rumford, RI
Beruf Founder and Chief Consultant
Benutzer seit February 23, 2013
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It was my desire to follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps as a Business Leader; thus, I opened The Image Works Corporation on July 15, 2005.
So, Who is this Alicia J. Alexander?
Alicia J. Alexander is the Owner of The Image Works Corporation based in the State of Rhode Island.
Alicia J. Alexander is a “Phenomenal” Publicist. She focuses on the Celebrity and/or Business Owner Client. She provides a platform for you, The Client, to share your story via SpiceofyourLife, A Business Blog.
Finally, but most importantly, Alicia J. Alexander is a Believer in Christ who deals justly in Business.

“As Alicia J. Alexander trusts in her God, You can trust Alicia J. Alexander.” Her credence statement.

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I like your selection. It is quite intriguing. Thank you.
~ Alicia J. Alexander * The Image Works Corporation