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SQLite Manager

Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This is great. I was able to finally get rid of the Google "super cookie" that has broken Cookie Manager in Fx 34.0.5 by editing the app ID for Google pref cookie since Cookie Manager can't handle cookies with a -2 app ID like this one.

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Red Cats (green flavor)

5.7.0 problems on Pale Moon version 25.0 Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Pale Moon was officially updated to version 25 on Oct 10. 5.6.3 version passed updates check (but that's because Pale Moon has not yet forked all themes and doesn't mean it is fully compatible) on my internal updating on Windows 8.0 Pro and Windows 10 Preview and works ok on both computers, but I decided to again try 5.7.0. That version appears to install correctly BUT the Menu bar was MISSING. "Customize" showed the Menu bar was checked and should be showing but was not and I could not see any way to retrieve it from where ever Red Cats stashed it. So, I had to revert Pale Moon 25 to Red Cats 5.6.3 version for the time being. (Pale Moon plans to fork ALL themes and fix them/invite developers to fix them so until they do that, I can use this earlier version). If anyone knows of a way to fix the Menu bar problem using 5.7.0 on Pale Moon 25 please post it. Pale Moon 25 has major changes and further distances itself from Firefox so I am not particularly surprised that 5.7.0 doesn't work right on it.

JoeG is a using a nightly. All bets are off on a nightly so his comments are not particularly relevant to the release versions of Fx 24 ESR where 5.7.0 causes a huge mess. JoeG says that changing "browser.preferences.inContent" from "true" to "false" fixed his problems with 5.7.0. That's confusing because "FALSE" is default (so I wonder why how he managed to have it set to "true" since he had to have someone else tell him about the preference). With that preference defaulted to "false", I had a horrible mess with 5.7.0 on Fx 24.6 ESR and since then on Fx24.8 ESR (which is the final version and which will be automatically internally upgraded to Fx 31 ESR in early November). I'm sure 5.7.0 will work on it because 5.7.0 is written for Australis which is why it doesn't work on Fx 24x ESR.

I would love to see Red Cats developer work with Pale Moon to create a Red Cats that is FULLY compatible with Pale Moon 25 (as 5.6.3 works but Pale Moon says it is not truly compatible). Pale Moon will be contacting theme developers about this issue which is the case for all Fx full themes. Pale Moon now has its own repository for extensions and themes. Full themes like this one are going to take center stage at Pale Moon which I think is great so I'd like to see the developer join their efforts.

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Red Cats (green flavor)

Beware 5.7.0 if on Pale Moon or Fx 24 ESR Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This has been my favorite theme ever since Fx1.0. I currently use Pale Moon and Fx 24.6 ESR. I have Red Cats 5.6.3 on both these browsers and it works great (except the new tab button -kitty sitting on a pillow - is missing).

This website is installing 5.7.0 currently on Pale Moon and Fx 24.6 ESR. That version is a complete disaster on ANY version of Fx before Australis and on Pale Moon (which is based off Fx 24). It completely wrecks Fx 24 ESR because it tries to turn the GUI into Australis GUI and that makes for a major mess especially if you have no knowledge of Australis GUI and how to navigate it so that you can disable Red Cats.

I have both Fx and Pale Moon clamoring to update my 5.6.3 version to 5.7.0. I am afraid when I am updating other extensions I will sometime forget to uncheck the update for Red Cats. Mozilla needs to stop installing 5.7.0 on any version of Fx before version 29 and on Pale Moon.

Lightbeam for Firefox

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I've had Collusion since its inception (before it was added to Addons site) and it works fine on every version of Fx that I have had.

I just upgraded Fx 17.0.11 ESR to Fx 24.2.0 ESR. Collusion that was on Fx 17 was changed to lightbeam on Fx 24. It does not work. I have a blank page and cannot see a graph, clock or text.

I like Collusion. Lightbeam doesn't work so I can't review it properly but since it doesn't work at all and I can't see where to get support, I am rating it with one star. I would rate Collusion about 3-4 stars.

There is no place except here to report problems. Mozilla's lightbeam website link in the support section here gives a 404 errror and github link doesn't appear to active or a place for users to report problems.

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Lightbeam for Firefox

Why not available for ESR version? Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I've been using Collusion since before it was available at Addons. Why is Lightbeam not available for Fx 17.0.10 ESR? I think the way us ESR users have been treated recently is awful and this is just another instance of how Mozilla is not really serious about Fx ESR.

Is this available for Fx 24 ESR? I will be automatically upgraded to it in December.

I like Collusion and I use Disconnect also which keeps Collusion much cleaner as far as third party contacts. I would assume Disconnect should be used with Lightbeam also. Collusion has display problems that I would hope are fixed in Lightbeam. It's a shame I can't try it since I am using a SUPPORTED version of Fx.

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Why not available for SeaMonkey (Opera too)? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've been using this on Fx since it was first offered before Abine took it over. Scroogle search engine had just been taken off line and I found this to take its place.

Every time I update SeaMonkey version (as I just did) I come here to see if it now will work with SM. What is the problem? SM and Fx share so much code now it should be trivial to get this working with SM.

I also want it to work with Opera.

Fx is my default browser but I use SM and Opera quite a bit also. If I am on either of them, I have to come back to Fx anytime I need to do a Google search because I will not use Google search naked.

I've noticed since the first of this year, that I get VERY FEW times when GoogleSharing is unavailable. Last year, I got that frequently so this is a nice improvement. Overall, it works great and I love it.

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PDF Viewer

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I just upgraded Fx 10 ESR to Fx 17.0.3 ESR. I had used this extension when it first came out over a year ago and the text was unreadable. I never tried it again until a few hours ago when I installed it for Fx 17.0.3 ESR.

I am on a new computer running Windows 8 Pro and the text is just as UNreadable on this new computer, new OS, and latest version of Fx ESR. I can't use this extension at all.

Plus, it takes forever to open a PDF and it has almost no options. So, even if the text was readable (I used Mozilla's pdf test list to test it) I would I not want it. I will continue to download to disk all PDF and read in excellent Evince PDF Reader.

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I love this extension! I have found though that it doesn't work on Fx 10 Enterprise if I use Google from the search bar. So, I have started going directly to and it works every time that way.

Is it possible to make this work on SeaMonkey? I tried installing it just now (ignoring the warning) but it would not install. I would like to use SeaMonkey more but I don't because I want this extension to work on SM too.


Makes it easy to tell tabs apart Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This is a very nice extension. It doesn't work right on Fx where I use TabbedBrowsingExtensions 3 but that extension is not available for SeaMonkey and Colorful Tabs works great on SeaMonkey. I wish it worked with TBE on Fx too. This makes the tabs pretty to look at and easy to tell at a glance which is which if you have a bunch of tabs open.

The latest version (at the author's website) works just fine with SeaMonkey 2.10 so don't be put off by the message here at Addons that this extension is incompatible with the current version of SeaMonkey.

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Beautiful but doesn't fully animate Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

It's beautiful but it only animates in the status bar. On the top, no animation (Fx 10 enterprise, XP Pro).

Lightbeam for Firefox

Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I thought the ORIGINAL Collusion available only from the author's website was fantastic. I had it on Fx4 for quite some time. But this version offered here does not work on Fx4 and I can't find a copy of the original version to reinstall. It was a better extension when NOT offered here but offered independently at the author's website.

On Fx 10 Enterprise, this Mozilla extension version also does NOT work at all. At least, on Fx 10, this version does give me the icon in the bottom right corner of the status bar but Collision just gives a solid black page and never shows me a graph.

The earliest version which worked great I loved so for those of you who can get this current buggy version to work I am envious.

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PDF Viewer

Doesn't work Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

It doesn't work for me on Firefox 10 Enterprise on a VMWare Workstation virtual machine running XP Pro. I see big black blobs instead of text.

I will continue to use Evince PDF Reader.

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Theme Font & Size Changer

Wonderful but need to control icon size more than font size Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This is great if you don't use classic view for Windows and buttons where you can control the font size and font for Fx and SM. I am still using XP so it is easy to control this via Classic View for Windows and buttons but I will find your extension very useful when I get a Windows 7 computer soon which I dread getting because it is difficult on Win 7 to use Classic view unless you also use the accessibility themes which I don't like.

But I misread the description and thought this extension on SeaMonkey would enable me to enlarge the extremely tiny icons on the SM Status bar. That is what I need enlarged. I can't tell if the tiny dark gray lock is open, closed or broken. (The icon size on the status bar I cannot control via Windows settings like I can font size and font).

Perhaps, you can make another extension which will allow for change in the size of the icons in the SM status bar?

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I want this for SM also Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

I wrote an review last year for Padlock and Fx if you scroll down.

Could you please make Padlock compatible with SeaMonkey? The dark gray lock in SeaMonkey's status bar is very difficult to see as it is very small, a terrible color and in a terrible place and also very difficult to tell if the SM padlock is open or closed. I have your Padlock on Fx and love it. I want it for SeaMonkey also so I can have an easy to see GOLD padlock in the SeaMonkey address bar where I can quickly see (like on Fx) whether it is open or closed. If I get on a page with mixed encryption, I cannot see the broken lock that SM uses at all.

BTW, your Conspiracy extension supposedly doesn't work on SM but it installed and works great and I sent a compatibility report for it. Now if you could make Padlock work with SM, I would be really happy. ( I am using SM 2.6.1, not the current version, as I have another extension I am waiting to be made compatible with the latest SM).

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Lightbeam for Firefox

This version doesn't work, older do Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This WAS a great extension. But when I updated it just now to the current version it no longer works. I was not warned that my Fx 4.01 is too old for the latest version. Addons should have refused to install this latest version. I had 0.14. How do I get that one back?

Ever since I got this last year, I have kept a tab open all the time showing Collusion and what is tracking me. I think this is must have extension for everyone but don't try putting the current version on older versions of Fx.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.16.2) abgegeben. 

User Agent Switcher

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is a great extension and very useful. However, it does not work with SeaMonkey 2.6. I delayed updating SeaMonkey when it told me that this extension would be disabled if I updated from 2.5 to 2.6.


Excellent, very needed extension Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Fx's new way to distinguish secure sites is puzzling. I still don't understand the significance of blue color. What does blue have to do with whether a website is secure? No color for mixed content website? That is really awful as I don't notice no color. For over 12 years now, I have looked for a gold closed padlock to indicate a secure website and still look for the padlock on other browsers. This extension gives this back to me on Fx.

I very much like that I can decide where I want the padlock (end of the address bar for me as I intend to completely ignore the extremely confusing, oddly colored area on the left of the address. I far prefer clicking on the padlock to get further information).

I would urge you, as an earlier reviewer mentioned, to allow us to add the padlock to the status bar. (Of course, I use Extended Status Bar extension. I can't imagine not having a true status bar and I have always looked there for the padlock for many years and I would like to have it there as well as at the end of the address bar).

I also really like bringing back the yellow color for the address bar when on a secure site and green color for extended validation sites.

I began using Fx4 when it was released, but I only now feel really comfortable using it as finally I now have proper visual validation (rather than some confusing blue or no color or white or whatever) of a secure site. I particularly commend you for giving me a way to easily see if a site has mixed content. I felt very confused by whatever I was supposed to see in Fx4 to indicate mixed content before I got Padlock. I've been using Mozilla browsers as default since 2001 yet I did not understand until now reading your explanation that no color on the left of the address means mixed content on a secure site. I simply thought that as of Fx 4 Mozilla had gotten sloppy with secure site indicators. So, I am relieved to now have an open black lock when there is mixed content on a secure page.

Multicolumn Bookmarks

Excellent, necessary extension Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I love this extension. I would find using Fx extremely difficult without this extension. I had no idea it doesn't work beyond Fx 4? I am using Fx4 (I see no reason to upgrade as I like Fx4, but eventually I will want to upgrade and I want this extension to work)! Having used Opera for over a year as my default browser and enjoying the builtin bookmark columns, I dreaded coming back to Fx when version 4 was released as I knew it has just one completely unusable, very long bookmark column. Then I found this extension and everything was fine.

I came to report an incompatibility with another extension (Open Bookmark in New Tab) and learned that evidently this wonderful multicolumn extension is not being updated for newer versions of Fx.

Please keep this extension updated! It is essential to the enjoyment and usability of Fx.