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NicCage - Firefox Kein Neustart

This addon replaces images with pictures of Nicholas Cage. What isn't there to love

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Anesidora Kein Neustart

Tabs? Where we're listening, we don't need tabs.

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17 Benutzer

Reddit Comment Hover Kein Neustart

This addon allows you to simply hover over the comments link on reddit for a quick preview

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CreepMode Kein Neustart

Browse facebook worryfree. All interaction elements (liking, commenting, sharing) are hidden to prevent accidentally clicking them!

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Very useful Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

An easy transition from outlook to thunderbird with lightning. I found some of the features in lightning to be much better than those offered by outlook. My only bug is that it can't be incorporated with google calendars.

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