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Name Alicia Stender
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Beruf science writer, editor & researcher • DIY PC tech (unofficially) & PC-tech-in-training (officially)
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My collections are perfect for people who like Firefox to have a sleek, modern, clutter-free UI with tranquil, muted colors for easy readability and reduced eye strain.

Email me if you want a list of all the Stylish & Greasemonkey scripts for Google/Facebook (100+), customised settings + other tweaks, and how to make add-ons backwards-compatible with earlier versions of FF. I can also send screenshots if you'd like to see how mine's set up.

Email: (which I check daily) OR (which I check a few times per week)

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Session Manager

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Session Manager! I feel it deserves WAY more than 5 stars! It's one of my favorite add-ons that I use every day. I wish it came as a BUILT-IN feature.

THANK YOU SO MUCH from a longtime Firefox user and major taboholic. Your add-on has made web surfing so much easier now that I can save all my tabs and reopen them at another time (which is totally awesome).

- Option to edit and MERGE windows into A SINGLE WINDOW in a multi-window session, both BEFORE beginning a new session (that is, when it autostarts with Firefox and prompts you to select a session), as well as DURING an active session (so you can merge two or more windows into just one window as you're browsing)
- Option to SAVE & EXPORT selected links from sessions as an HTML file with live links like the My Portal add-on, which creates a live web page of the links in your bookmark hierarchy. My Portal add-on:
- Option to SAVE & EXPORT selected links from sessions and paste them to the clipboard or to an MS Word document/Notepad text file
- Make the files in the sessions folder readable and editable without needing to have Firefox open (that is, to be able to open, read, and edit files in another program like MS Word/Notepad)
- Option to also delete tabs prior to opening a session, not just to choose which tabs you want to open
- Option to ask and confirm upon browser shutdown: 1) "Please select which tabs you want to keep for this session", and 2) Do you want to merge any of your open windows? If yes, please select the windows and click merge."

I have only one small bug/issue to report: Lately, whenever I start Firefox, SM autostarts as well and asks me to choose a session to open the browser window--the problem is that I UNselected the option to prompt me for a session to start Firefox with so I don't know why this keeps happening.

Also, since SM is autoloading as part of the Firefox startup process, it's causing Firefox to eat up a TON of my computer's active memory, usually more than 100,000K. Basically, it's making Firefox freeze as it's starting or it makes the cooling fan run really loudly because it's starting to overheat.

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Download Manager Tweak

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@CryingHowls: Type this link into your address bar: chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/downloads.xul
It will open your DL window in the sidebar. I just discovered this neat trick yesterday and saved it to my bookmarks.

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