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This was an amazing exension and sadly I just upgraded to 8.0 (from 3.6 lol) and it looks like I'll just have to hope that a future release of Firefox has this function natively.

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Toolbar Buttons

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This extension is amazing. I am currently using these buttons:

-Stop All
-Get Link From Clipboard (and open)
-Customize Toolbars (very useful, no right clicking on some tiny open space to edit the toolbars)

Even though I don't have the rest of the buttons on my toolbars at all time (thanks to gestures and programmable mouse buttons), there has been many a time where I'll temporarily use the other buttons.

I do wish I could have the option to hide the buttons I don't use. That's probably my only request (besides make more buttons!)

[Firefox 3.6.23 on Windows 7]

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Absolutely love this extension; there is nothing even remotely similar to it and I have no idea what I would do without it.

That being said, I do have two suggestions that I believe all users would benefit from:
- Add subdomain support for the whitelist (I would like mail.google to be whitelisted but not the entire google domain)
- Option to refresh the page when "awakened". 95% of the time I have to do it myself manually so an option would be nice for users who find themselves doing that a lot after clicking an inactive tab.

Status Buttons

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So I know it's not the app dev's job to be compatible with EVERY extension, but the second I installed this all hell broke loose. Just be wary and make sure you have SessionSaver backing up your tabs =P

I would like to note I love the concept though and would love to see a functioning version of this app.