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Google sign out

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I haven't tested this add-on but took a brief look at the source and it appears to create some sort of a button that when clicked, opens, which causes you to be logged out from Google sites.

Is that useful? (Aren't Google signout links easy enough to find?)

What I was hoping for was an add-on that would provide a toggle button, which when in the off state, would block access to all Google authentication related cookies, and when on, permit normal access.

This way you could sign in to a Google service, use it for a bit, and then instead of telling Google you want to sign out and invalidate your tokens, you can simply click the add-on button to hide them and surf to other Google sites in an unauthenticated state, while still being able to resume the authenticated state later without having to sign in again.

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Folder Account

Great for mailing lists Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Never forget to use the correct identity again. Great for mailing lists.

Works as described. Nice UI. Version 0.8x adds the ability to set a default recipient for new messages or to be cc'ed on replies. Author responsive to bugs/suggestions.

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