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TextMarker Go

Allows to highlight the selected text.
1) three customizable colors for highlight
2) highlight functions as bookmarks
3) hotkeys for highlight selected text, remove highlights, and jump to highlighted text.

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Link Visitor 3 Kein Neustart

This add-on provides the ability to add single or multiple links to the browser history, making them appear visited, without having to actually visit them. It also allows them to be removed from the history.

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Macht Lesezeichen für die Schlüsselwortsuche auch für die Web-Suche via Kontextmenü verfügbar.

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Youtube Watchmarker Kein Neustart

Automatically mark videos on Youtube that you have already watched.

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Bookmarks UI Kein Neustart

- Access your favorite bookmarks easy and fast with Bookmarks UI
- Hide the Bookmarks Toolbar and give your browser more space and a cleaner look
- Great UI - Toolbar button
- Personalize: Wallpapers, Mouse Actions, Hotkeys ...

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Mark/flag tabs via an unlimited amount of customizable colors. Quickly group and bookmark tabs based on color. Persistently label/color tabs by url/regex. Other optional features: relative tabs, highlight unread tabs, color favicon, and auto-flag.

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Allows you to highlight text on a webpage by selecting it and clicking 'Highlight' on the popup menu. If you hold down the Shift key while opening the popup menu, a sub-menu appears with more advanced options...

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Highlights, is an ultra-light-weight (18 KB) multi-color highlighting tool to highlight text on web pages with a right-click. Highlights are saved in a user-defined folder and saved highlights are automatically loaded when page is revisited.

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Dog Ears

Mark important parts of a webpage to easily relocate them.

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Mark links for later access from the Handy Tab.

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