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BestVideoDownloader 2 - YouTube Downloader MP3 MP4 Kein Neustart

Direct YouTube downloads MP3 M4A AAC and HD MP4, FLV, 3GP. With just one mouse click! With the click off an mouse button! Super fast downloads right from the Youtube video page you are viewing.

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Hola Unblocker Kein Neustart

Access websites blocked or censored in your country, company or school
with the free Hola Unblocker VPN service.
Get the latest version

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Translate This! Kein Neustart

Translate the whole entire page or just a selection using Google Translate.

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Fastest Facebook

Integrate Fastest Facebook into your browser...

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Blocks ads, popups, cookie trackers and spyware on the web, including ads on Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search and popular news sites. Works faster than competing addons. Extremely simple and light, so even your grandma can deal with AdvertBan

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QuickWiki Vorgestellt

Quick lookup in Wiktionary and Wikipedia, without the need to open a new tab.
Just right-click a word while shift / ctrl / alt is pressed.

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SpeedFox Kein Neustart

Schneller im Internet unterwegs mit SpeedFox. Passe deine neue Tab Seite an und erstelle Shortcuts zu deinen Lieblingsseiten. Öffne das SpeedFox Overlay auf Webseiten mit Strg+Q. Nie mehr Rechtschreibfehler in den URLs mit dem autom. URL Fixer.

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User Agent Quick Switch Kein Neustart

Quickly switch the browser user agent.

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Go-Mobile [Speed Boost] Kein Neustart

Tell websites your browser is a phone. Very handy for dial-up connections, or just to speed up browsing. Simple, small, and fast. Go Mobile.

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Easy Copy Paste

No more Ctrl+C / V. Fastest way to copy and paste. Copy with and without formatting! Quickly Tun On and OFF copy paste feature when you need it.

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FireFile Kein Neustart

FireFile ist eine Firebug- Erweiterung, die es ermöglicht, mit Firebug bearbeitete CSS- Dateien live am server zu speichern. So wird Firebug zum ultimativen CSS- Editor mit Live- Preview.

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Toy Factory

Toy Factory is a colorful theme for kids of all ages.

Web tuts:

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Resize and position Firefox with keys: ALT+1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0.

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Select a text and instantly get information about it in inline window or translate it via google translate
Bu da ne ki dediginiz an size ne oldugunu gosteren eklenti

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Faster tab browsing Kein Neustart

A productivity add-on to help manage large amounts of tabs. Use hotkeys to browse tabs faster, and tab favorites to quickly return to often used tabs.

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Best Search For FireFox

Fast Search a free search engine. its the fastest one out there

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FastPrevNext Kein Neustart

Easily browse through sequenced URLs

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QuickMark Kein Neustart

A quick and minimalistic way to create bookmarks.

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Open Document in Google Docs Viewer Kein Neustart

Right click on any link to a document to open that document in the Google Docs Viewer

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Copy URL Kein Neustart

An easier way to create and share short urls.

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