iinview Kein Neustart

add-on for iinview

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Datanyze Insider Kein Neustart

The all-in-one browser extension for sales prospecting.

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Geodik Toolbar

Toolbar untuk memudahkan akses website Geodik.com dalam mencari referensi ilmiah seperti jurnal, buku digital, istilah-istilah akademik dan lain sebagainya.

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bugmagnet Kein Neustart

A port of the Chrome Extension 'BugMagnet' originally written by Gojko Adzic, Bug Magnet enables you to quickly populate common text fields with a variety of test data via a right-click context menu, extremely useful in exploratory testing.

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GitHub Contribution Hider Kein Neustart

Hide your own GitHub contribution graph so you don't fret over your contribution streak or how you compare to prolific GitHub users.

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Ensighten Developer Tools Kein Neustart

An add-on to add basic Ensighten debugging functionality to Firefox

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DOM Inspector Toolbar Button Kein Neustart

Adds DOM Inspector toolbar button

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Dev Buttons Kein Neustart

Adds web developer toolbar button

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eCalculator Kein Neustart

A calculator in a popup window. Large integer, high-precision decimal real, various operators and functions are supported. Especially useful for programmers with decimal, hex, binary integers, and bitwise/logical operations.

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ng-inspect Kein Neustart

Inspect the angular scope in the developper tools inspector

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Sampark Kein Neustart

Sampark is backed by highly professional IT visionaries. We are setting up a new standard for managing contacts.
Through our solution we are creating more values for Contact Management for our users.

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greystash-addon Kein Neustart

Password manager

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Danger Dashboard Kein Neustart

Display a dashboard with info about Web Components support

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Ermis CMS Security Scanner Kein Neustart

A free tool that lets you check if any domain is running WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, the CMS version and any known security vulnerabilities.

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Holmes CSS Kein Neustart

Holmes is stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid, inaccassible or erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class.

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EmpireMail.de - kostenlose eMail Weiterleitungen Kein Neustart

Schütze dich vor Spam und erstelle dir kostenlose E-Mail Weiterleitungsadressen. Direkt aus deinem Browser heraus!

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Unhosted Mail Kein Neustart

Unhosted Mail extension is open IMAP/SMTP connection to Mail servers. Then the Unhosted web application communicate with extension to communicate with Mail servers(IMAP/SMTP).

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Screen share in Firefox Kein Neustart

Firefox extension to enable screen share for real time screen share .

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Permission Editer Kein Neustart

This extension can block web-access, sub-request, Javascript, XMLHttpRequest and Cookies.

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Pixel on Pixel Kein Neustart

Облегчает верстку по макету и позволяет производить её "пиксель в пиксель".

Helps developers perform a comparison with pixel precision between developed HTML and semi-transparent image.

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