Tab URL Copier Benötigt Neustart

Copies the URLs of all open tabs. Puts 'Copy Tab URLs' item in right click menu of tabs and Edit main menu. Useful for bibliographies, quickly sending someone a list of pages to view etc. Can now open tabs from previously copied...

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Naruto For New Tab Benötigt Neustart

Naruto For New Tab is a new type of theme extension. It not only offers the basic of themes but also offers several features such as speed dial, cloud addition, and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab function of Chrome.

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Throbber Benötigt Neustart

EN: Change the look of Throbber that is circle, which rotates while loading the page.
PL: Zmienia wygląd throbbera czyli kółka, które się obraca podczas ładowania strony.

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Android New Tab Benötigt Neustart

New tab page for Android style is a based on HTML5 Firefox Addons, which developed refer the popular Android UI. It provides speed dial, quick search funtions, such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.

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New Tab Mod Benötigt Neustart

Eine leichtgewichtige und funktionale Erweiterung, die jeden neu geöffneten Tab mit einer Liste Ihrer Lieblingslinks versieht.

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Open a list of URL at startup in new pinned tabs. (Pinned home pages)

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In tab Benötigt Neustart

Zestaw przycisków do otwierania rożnych funkcji przeglądarki w kartach.
Package buttons to open different browser features in tabs

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Mini menu button Benötigt Neustart

With this add-on you are able to change the menu button position to anywhere you want, even to the navigation bar
It also reduces some font sizes (tabs and bookmarks buttons) to 10px - this gives you more visible space and more visible information

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ChromaTabs Benötigt Neustart

Tints browser tabs with a color specific to the website loaded. This helps you identify tab contents based on a distinct visual cue.

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Restartless Speed Dial

This is a *very* basic frecency based restartless speed-dial for Firefox 4. Its mostly meant as example restartless code for other developers to build off at this point. The project page is here:

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Profession beállítás Benötigt Neustart

A kiegészítő segít Önnek abban, hogy egyetlen állásajánlatról se maradjon le, a könyvjelzőkén és kezdőoldalként beállításával.

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Adfly URL Grabber

skip adfly 5 seconds and pop-up windows
just open adfly link and you 'll see now tab opens with content you need

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Parsijoo Benötigt Neustart

افزونه پارسی جو راهی برای استفاده از امکانات موتور جستجوی پارسی جو در مرورگر
Parsijoo Search Engine Extension For Firefox

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BookmarkThisTab Benötigt Neustart

Brings back BookmarkThisTab to the context menu of tabs.

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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway is a beautiful replacement of your new tab.

Every time you open a new tab you will find up to 4 suggestions where your next weekend could go, powered by the amazing tripdelta algorithm. Find every flight right from your new tab

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Hide GUI bars Benötigt Neustart

Hide GUI components (menu, navigation bar, tabs, bookmarks, statusbar) with a customizable key shortcut (default is Ctrl-Shift-A)... For small netbook screens!

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BlueGolf Kiosk

Add-on for BlueGolf.

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Sci Hub it!

Simple add-on to make it easier to use Sci-Hub.

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Copy Tab URLs Benötigt Neustart

Copies the URLs of all open tabs

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TabAlarm (reloaded) Benötigt Neustart

schedule tabs to open as reminders.

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