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Famous Adage Kein Neustart

Famous Adages, Sayings, Proverbs ... and more.

A big and interesting collection from www.famousadage.com

Read this collection of famous sayings. They will stay with you forever !

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Handy Calculator Kein Neustart

Handy Calculator made as Simple as typing in the web page. Just use as 'c: expression =? ' and see the result instantly. For help type 'c: help? ' This is the simplest, easiest and fastest browser calculator.

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Tomorrowww Kein Neustart

A browser plug-in that wipes out the word 'cancer' from your online life.

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ďťňľ - Doplň diakritiku Kein Neustart

Ďťňľ je jednoduchý nástroj na automatické dopĺňanie diakritiky. Označte ľubovolný text s chýbajúcou diakritikou a výberom možnosti "Doplniť diakritiku" z kontextového menu ju program doplní za vás.

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Better Destiny.gg Kein Neustart

Due to the slow review process, this addon is no longer being hosted on Mozilla Addons.

For the latest Firefox version, please reinstall from http://9inevolt.github.io/betterdgg/

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Installiert ein Bookmarklet zum speichern von Surftipps bei keepy.net

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Wizpert Chat Notifications Kein Neustart

Wizpert is the everyday advice platform that instantly connects you with an expert for a 1-on-1 chat on any topic.

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Forumite's Friend Kein Neustart

Improvements for the Frontier Forums

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Webmention Kein Neustart

Send webmention though context menu.

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Ansi and Ascii Artists Handle Database Kein Neustart

Displays the handle of Ansi and Ascii artists on Facebook.

The handle will appear after the individuals name, in brackets.

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Smiley Pack for DesiDime Kein Neustart

A pack of lovely smileys to bring your emotions alive on Desidime.

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Dream It Kein Neustart

Paste Images To DreamStream

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Parsiblog Extension Kein Neustart

More abilities for Parsiblog.com and Parsiyar.ir, by Spica262.
قابلیت های بیشتر برای کاربران سایت های پارسی بلاگ و پارسی یار

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benditofutbol Kein Neustart

Bendito Fútbol - Somos los creyentes del balón, alentamos en la cancha poniendo el corazón, nuestra fe supera la razón. www.benditofutbol.com

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edubar Kein Neustart

Ucz się słówek podczas przeglądania stron internetowych.

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OctoAudit Kein Neustart

OctoAudit is a browser extension that allows you to add TODO checklist items from a GitHub issue/pull request's comments into its summary.

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Interest Viewer for YouTube

Views interesting videos automatically on YouTube in sync with others.

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Free Discussion Anywhere Kein Neustart

Add context menu to discussion forum

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VK Redesigned

Addon for the browser which improves design of VK.com

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Passera Kein Neustart

Passera turns entered text into a strong password up to 64 characters long.

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