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überall YouTube downloader Kein Neustart

fügen sie eine schaltfläche download, um youtube - video - seiten.fügen sie einen download - button zu klicken sie mit der rechten maustaste auswählen.mehrere formate (mp4 format 3gp).

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Disable Ads Kein Neustart

Disable Ads add on will help you remove ads in video player. Current it working with ads. In the future, it will support more site!

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Facebook Flash Video Player Kein Neustart

Facebook Flash Video Player is a powerful tool that will let you choose Flash video player as default Facebook video player.

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TubeCast Kein Neustart

For those that have smart TV's and use the great TubeCast application available on Windows 10.

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Stop Tube HTML5 Kein Neustart

Stops autoplay of YouTube HTML5 videos (WebM). It is Flash-Block equivalent for HTML5 videos.

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Youtube Downloader (Mp3|Mp4) Kein Neustart

Youtube Downloader (Mp3|Mp4) - Multifunctional youtube converter and dovnloader will help you to download video and audio files from youtube in high quality, affordable MP3, MP4 and many other formats for conversion.

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MP3 Junkie Kein Neustart

Download mp3 files from youtube

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InstaDown: Instagram Image & Video Downloader Kein Neustart

The extension adds a direct download button for images found on instagram user pages, and also for videos on single item popups.

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pinterest-guest Kein Neustart

Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup

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PureDebrid Kein Neustart

Débride automatiquement les vidéos Purevid. Remplacement du lecteur.

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Minutta Kein Neustart

Расширение Минутта для Firefox

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Potplayer Youtube Shortcut

Quickly play or add a Youtube video (playlist) to Potplayer from the context menu or using the buttons on the site and also via middle-click

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YouTube™ Dark Kein Neustart

A Dark and Smooth YouTube™ theme.

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TabTrekker - New Tab Page Kein Neustart

Explore the world one tab at a time.

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Skype Web Messenger Kein Neustart

Skype Web Messenger brings Skype right into your browser to make audio and video calls.

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Media Keys Kein Neustart

Lets you control various media sites (youtube, pandora, spotify, bandcamp, google play, jamstash, yandex, soundcloud, tidalhifi) using the media keys on your keyboard.

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Netflix Super Browse Kein Neustart


This extension adds a "Super Browse" hover link to the main Netflix Navigation. Hovering over this item will reveal Netflix's extended categories.

Please leave feedback if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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Play/Pause Kein Neustart

Adds a Play/Pause toggle onto tabs that contain an HTML5 audio/video player.

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Video Assistant Kein Neustart

Play embedded videos in external player

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No Flash Kein Neustart

Replace Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion Flash video players embedded on third-party website by the HTML5 counterpart when the content author still use the old style embed (Flash).

Source code at

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