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¿Quieres llevar tus musica preferida a todas partes?
¿Quieres escuchar sin conexión?
Tan solo instala esta addon y encontraras un boton en YouTube para descargar tu musica preferida al instante!

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musicfm - Free Music

Unlimited free music. musicfm has all the music you want.

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Auto Replay For Youtube

Auto replay Youtube videos to maximize your enjoyment

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Tabs? Where we're listening, we don't need tabs.

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Enhancement suite for Crunchyroll

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Catify any site! Choose an element from a site and change it to cute cat picture. Powered by http://thecatapi.com/.

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turrent.in - Live TV

Watch Live TV streaming without buffering, 100+ Indian and International channels are included.
Also watch Live Cricket and Live Football matches streaming. Chat with friends and discuss about show while watching it.

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Débride automatiquement les vidéos Purevid. Remplacement du lecteur.

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nplauncher3 Benötigt Neustart

Start the c and c media's yg game and Dard Blood game in the webpage.
It's a NPAPI plugin for firefox and chrome.

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Simply adds a button to Agar.io to connect to the official evo1001001 server.

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YouTubeButton Benötigt Neustart

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to YouTube, Middle click to open YouTube in a new tab.

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T4G Blacklist Add-on Benötigt Neustart

Erweitert die Profilseiten von Battlefield Play4Free.
Prüft den Status verschiedener Blacklisten und zeigt diese auf dem Profil an. Außerdem werden zusätzliche Stats und Scores angezeigt.

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Firebomb puts an arsenal of fun, stress relieving 8-bit explosives at your fingertips while you browse. You can annihilate, destroy, and explode any persistent bugs or bad designs live on any web page... More firepower than Firebug alone.

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A firefox addon which posts HTTP requests to Kodi using JSON-RPC to play or queue video URLs.

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Tribal Wars Assistant Benötigt Neustart

Tribal Wars Assistant assist free players of tribal wars to
1. easy navigation
2. auto farming
3. make map larger, analysis map easier
4. distance calculator
Add a lot more

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Firefox add-on for RaspberryCast

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Angry Birds Games

Many Angry Birds Games to be played on-line

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5336游戏开服表 Benötigt Neustart


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Lingapp Benötigt Neustart

Z Lingapp poznajesz i zapamiętujesz nowe angielskie słowa – dokładnie te, których potrzebujesz.

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Odnoklassniki one click login Benötigt Neustart

One click Odnoklassniki account access!

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