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#wrap Benötigt Neustart

Allows Tumblr tags to wrap around without having to use the awful drag-scrolling interface.

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Това разширение показва предупредителен екран, когато отваряте сайт от медийната група на Делян Пеевски.

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+i is a powerful feature-rich search tool.

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/r/Diablo Browser Extension Benötigt Neustart

Adds tooltips, linkifies battletags, and makes other small improvements to /r/Diablo.

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1-Click Daily News Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

View the Latest News Videos Daily.

Free-to-watch videos daily in just 1-Click. News sources from All Youtube News channels, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, Fox Business.

Addon uses 3rd party site ( for operation.

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140chars Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

A simple webextension to filter out long tweets

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15-18 Benötigt Neustart

Retrouvez les derniers topics du forum 15-18 Ans de, ainsi que des raccourcis vers des sites tels que NoelShack, Hapshack, NoelShare... ! Ainsi que les smileys !

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160by2 Benötigt Neustart browser extension to send FREE messages to anyone across India, right from your browser.

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22Pixels Sidekik Benötigt Neustart

Access Live RSS Feeds And Other Data From Your...

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24Kur Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

This extension will protect your sanity from the evil that is comment section. It will completely disable the comment section on every article.

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2ch-caster will notify you about new threads on via pop-up notifications
Miss no thread, anonymous!

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9GAG Tweaks Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Removes the sidebar and the sharing buttons from 9gag. Replaces the sharing buttons with Telegram sharing.

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<disabled> Download shortxt from the link below Benötigt Neustart

This is an old listing.

Please download LATEST version here -

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A Certain Manga Reader

Read and receive notifications for your mangas with ease.

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A PurpleBunny! Benötigt Neustart

With a PurpleBunny, you can quickly and easily read and write comments about the web page you're viewing. You can praise a page, ask a question, read comments about an entire site, discuss the content of a web page with other web surfers -- the...

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Aare Tracker vom lueku Benötigt Neustart

Displays temperature of the river Aare and the weather conditions in Bern (Switzerland).
Zeigt die Temperatur der Aare und Wetterprognose in Bern an.
Indique la temperature de l'Aar et le temps à Berne.
Firefox Extension / Add-on

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ABC.Noticias Benötigt Neustart

ABC. Noticias de España y del mundo -

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ABCDESEVILLA.Noticias Benötigt Neustart

Con esta extensión de Firefox podrás estar al día de las últimas noticias de Sevilla, Andalucía, España, etc. El periódico ABC de Sevilla te mantiene informado de lo que pasa en el mundo, a través de su web

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Abecadlo Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Конвертація українського тексту на абецадло — латинську абетку для української мови на основі польського алфавіту. Перейдіть на сторінку з українським текстом та клікніть по іконці додатку.

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