DOM element as a bookmark Kein Neustart

Periodically reading DOM element and saving it as a bookmark title.

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Spillo extension Kein Neustart

Take full control over your bookmarks on Pinboard

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TaggingNotes Kein Neustart


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Showhow2 – MyTechTracker

Showhow2 brings you a simple way to track, clip and organise all your links related to technology products and services

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TapTack Kein Neustart

Our minds store and sort memories based on their context. TapTack gives users the ability to tack words to sites in order to get back to them with ease. The tool is at its most powerful when using as many descriptive words as possible.

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Kanbanmarks Kein Neustart

Organize your bookmarks with ease in a kanban-style layout

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SaveLinkApp Kein Neustart

Manage your bookmarks from anywhere

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Archiveror Kein Neustart

Archiveror will make automatic archives (snapshots) on https://archive.is of
pages you bookmark to preserve them exactly as they are right now, even if the
original disappears from the web. Manually archive pages with the button or

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Se connecter plus rapidement Kein Neustart

Connectez-vous plus rapidement aux principaux sites Internet en France avec cette extension Firefox.
En un seul clic, vous pouvez vous connecter aux 25 sites les plus populaires en France : Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Leboncoin, Amazon, etc.

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Edit Bookmark Minus

Allows to re-size the default 'Add/Edit Bookmark Popup' and fixes tree selection bug.

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Bookmarks New Tab Kein Neustart

A custom new page with your bookmarks.

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Codemarks Kein Neustart

A Firefox Addon to integrate with Codemarks.

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HyprKey Authenticator Kein Neustart

Simple and secure authentication using HyprKey

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Rabbit TV Plus Kein Neustart

Easily access all of your favorite TV shows, movies, music, channels and much more online anytime with the Rabbit TV Plus add-on for Firefox. Note: You must have a Rabbit TV Plus account to log in. Sign up today at http://rabbittvplus.com !

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MirrorNinja Kein Neustart

Easier to find the mirror mirror.ninja

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ordily Kein Neustart

Organize Your Internet With Ease

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Open preset URL in Private Browsing window Kein Neustart

Display a toolbar button to open a preset URL in a new Private Browsing window.

Icon by Aha-Soft (http://www.aha-soft.com/), published under the CC Attribution 3.0 United States License.

16px version downscaled by aviav.

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Basketapp Kein Neustart

Basket helps you to save your favorite items from the web and mobile and let you access them later.Also helps you keeping articles for reading later and let you keep embed links saved. For more information visit https://www.basketapp.net/

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Add to Factr Kein Neustart

If you have a Factr account, this add-on enables you to add a web page to a collection.

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Tab Store Kein Neustart

An extension that stores tabs temporarily and within window groups

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