Turn really long URLs into really short URLs

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Screenshot Pimp - Screengrab, Screen Shots, & Save Selection

Capture, grab, save, download, or copy anything you see in your web browser with only one click!
Screenshot pimp is by far the most customizable, and user friendly screenshot toolbar available for both Windows and Mac!

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Set As Bookmarks Toolbar Folder

Set any bookmarks folder as bookmarks toolbar folder.

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Browse your bookmarks visually: create, edit, and manage preview images for all your bookmarks. Use bookmark images as a speed dial on newly opened tabs. Quickly transfer bookmarks, links and texts to your mobile phone using QR codes.

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Long URL Please Mod

Dieses ist die erweiterung von dem ursprünglichem Long URL Please Addon. Erweitert die ursprüngliche Anzahl an unterstützten diesten von 80 auf 182!

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URL Keyword Completer

Replaces keywords in location bar with predefined URLs.

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This Add-on is an excellent way for you to ping any page on-the-fly. If you are on a page and want to Ping it, just click on the Pingler icon in your Firefox browser and the URL of the page will be sent to Pingler and pinged automatically for you.

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Collective Intelligence

Filtrage et structuration collaborative d'information.

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4u2c.it Url shortener.

Use the 4U2C.IT service to easily create a shortened URL for the website you are on, and make a comment about the site! Share the short URL with your comment through Facebook, Twitter or email.

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Piggy's Page

An add-on for Piggy’s Page, which is a very simple home page that lets you use the numeric keypad to access your favorites on large buttons. (http://www.piggyspage.com)

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Closes bookmarks sidebar when Firefox loads.

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Ctrl Ctrl

feature 1 : An independent search tool (Ctrl twice, or Ctrl + Q).
feature 2 : single-key search function,
feature 3 : common single-key operation

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Make Bookmark

Copy details of a link (name, URL, selected text) to make a bookmark string.

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Cat Attack Quick Button

Easily visit the site for The Cat Attack Fishing Tournament.

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Googled information collection.
Helps you access/save/delete search engines or bookmarks inside webpage area.
Mousedrag or doubleclick on webpage will activate this extension.
Mouseout or rightclick on this extension will deactivate it.

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Grepolis Toolbar

Barra de ferramentas que ajuda na administração de seu império. tenha uma visualização mais rápida de relatórios, edifícios de sua cidade, sua caixa de mensagem e aliança.

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AdFrame – is a tool for Advertising people that contains different links to professional resources, news and events feeds from Ad industry, and also convenient Ad search panel.

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Surfmark - screenshot webpage capture & annotate

Take full screenshots of web pages and directly add your notes and highlights to them. Save pages continuously and automatically organize them around topics including travel plans, job searches, DIY projects and academic research. Full text search.

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Search With Keywords

Adds new item in context menu which allows to search for selected text using bookmarks with defined keyword.

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