This wizard creates an XPI that rebrands Firefox, SeaMonkey or Thunderbird. You can change the brand name as well as the brand images and icons.

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Hide Tabbar

Hide the tabbar by just pressing a key.

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Hide Menubar

Supports to hide Menu Bar automatically, you can press the ALT key to show it temporarily.

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Easy Copy Paste

No more Ctrl+C / V. Fastest way to copy and paste. Copy with and without formatting! Quickly Tun On and OFF copy paste feature when you need it.

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Customize FireFox title bar (window title) that is useful for software such as KeyPass for automating log on to various websites based on specific domain, URL, etc.

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Hide Navigation Bar

This extension enables you to hide the navigation bar through a toggle button. Currently the toggle button is the F2 key. You can change the key in the extensions options, as well as configure whether you want the Navigation Bar to be displayed on ...

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Image Blocker Plus Kein Neustart

Blocks all images and visual contents on desired websites

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FindBar Tweak Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

Findbar Tweak hat alles – von einfachen Anpassungen wie einer Suchleiste am oberen Rand bis zum mächtigen Werkzeug „In allen Tabs suchen“, um die Suchleiste zu einem mächtigen und zugänglichen Suchwerkzeug zu machen!

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Picture Blocker Kein Neustart

Block/Allow image loading by pressing user-defined hot keys and/or a toggle button. Inspired by the add-on 'Image Block' by Hemant Vats.

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OmniSidebar Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

Lassen Sie sich Ihre Lesezeichen mit nur eine Geste anzeigen. Verschieben Sie die Sidebar auf dem Bildschirm. Öffnen Sie eine andere Sidebar, indem Sie einfach auf den Sidebar-Titel klicken. Hält Ihre Sidebar einfach und für schnellen Zugriff bereit!

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Tab Tree Kein Neustart

Tab Tree shows your tabs in the form of a tree structure. And also makes the user interface compact (optionally) to allow more space for the Web.

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Print Friendly & PDF Kein Neustart

Makes a Printer Friendly & PDF version of any webpage. Removes navigation, ads, and junk. Formats the page for print so you save paper and ink. Good for the environment and your wallet.

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Night Launch Companion

Fine-Tune Night Launch Themes

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Se connecter

Nouveau service pour se connecter plus rapidement et plus facilement !
↓ Cliquez sur le bouton jaune "Ajouter à Firefox" pour accéder au service :

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Tab Utilities Fixed

Tab Utilities's compatibility fixes release.

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Pentadactyl Kein Neustart

Firefox for Vim and Links addicts.

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Developer Edition theme enabler Kein Neustart

Enables the DevEdition theme on beta or release, and adds an entry in the Appearance's tab. Uninstalling this add-on removes the DevEdition theme from the add-on manager.

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I don't care about cookies Kein Neustart

Get rid of annoying cookie warnings from tens of thousands of 'infected' websites!

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Bad Bird Blocker - Blockt Twitter Werbung Kein Neustart

Dieses Add-On entfernt Gesponserte Tweets, Gesponserte Accounts und Gesponserte Trends aus Ihrer Twitter-Timeline

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BugzillaJS - Tweaks for Bugzilla Kein Neustart

BugzillaJS adds a number of features to Mozilla's Bugzilla. Keyboard shortcuts, quick file box, inline image/github previews, relative timestamps, gravatars and more. (All features are optional; contains almost all features Bugzilla Tweaks has)

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