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Download Panel Tweaks Kein Neustart

A collection of random tweaks for the Download Panel.

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NoScript Vorgestellt

Zusätzlicher Schutz für Ihren Browser!

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UltraFM Kein Neustart

Проигрыватель радио ультра (радио ultra) (radioultra.ru)

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A collection of patience (i.e. single-player) card games. Included are: Aces Up, Black Widow, Canfield, Demon, Double Klondike, Double Solitaire, Grounds for Divorce, Fan, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf, Gypsy, Klondike, Maze, Mod 3, Montana...

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Export Cookies

Exports all cookies in IE manner.
Makes a Netscape standard cookies.txt file.
Very useful for WGET --load-cookies option.

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Japanese to English/German/French/Russian dictionary. Just hover the mouse on top of a word, and a popup appears. Automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives. Detailed kanji view...

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lolifox - Fierr MOD

Replaces the error page with a lolifox appearance with additional features.

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NoiaButtons Kein Neustart

Die "NoiaButtons"-Erweiterung fügt die comichaften Symbole (der Noia-Themes) der Navigationsleiste hinzu und ist kompatibel mit allen Personas.

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Context Search X

Zeigt angegebene Suchmaschinen im Kontextmenu oder einem Untermenü
davon, erlaubt auch die Suche auf der aktuellen Website.
Zugriffstasten werden unterstützt. Das Plugin ist vollständig über
die Benutzeroberfläche konfigurierbar.

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Price Rocket Kein Neustart

Your intuitive Shopping Assistant and effective Price Comparison, directly in your Firefox browser - Automatic price comparison, alerts for lower prices when you are shopping online and much more.

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Stock Market Quotes

Live stock market quotes ticker and monitor.

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billiger.de Sparberater - Preisvergleich Kein Neustart

Machen Sie Ihren Browser zum Sparberater!
Dieses Add-on hat alles, was Sie erfolgreich sparen lässt:
automatischer Preisvergleich, Gutscheine, Benutzermeinungen und Testberichte

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More In Content UI

More In Content UI in Firefox 4!

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Minggl is a social interaction manager. The Minggl toolbar makes it easy to manage information, communication, and navigation across (and independent of) social networks. Minggl adds a "relationship layer" across all your sites.

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XE.com Universal Currency Converter �

Lets you perform conversions from your Firefox browser with a large amount of customization including the ability to select a number and convert it using a right-click. This tool is in Beta and no documentation is currently available.

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KeeFox Vorgestellt

Simple and secure password management. Login automatically, never forget another password, stay in control of your passwords and improve their security. Powered by the world-renowned KeePass Password Safe.

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Screengrab (fix version) Vorgestellt

Screengrab! saves webpages as images.
0.98 released!
New features: upload to internet

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Eine Notizblock-Erweiterung mit erweiterten Funktionen.

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Hypem.com: The Hype Machine Track Downloader

Download tracks directly from The Hype Machine. This allows for playable songs to be downloaded even if the blog isn't accessible anymore or the download links no longer work.

Please, before posting problems, email me first!

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Listen to the Holy Quran

Listen To The Holy Quran From tvQuran.com

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