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Get URL and save to HTTP Simple Queue Service.

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SCY Firefox Extension to highlight selections in the HTML document and submit a resource file to the repository of open learning objects (RoOLO). Visit http://www.scy-net.eu/ for more information.

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Coffee Pods Deals

This toolbar button add-on allows your to easy and efficiently view all Coffee Pods currently on sale through Amazon.com. With just one click, you can browse all of the deals.

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eBook PDF Search Engine and Online PDF Viewer

Use this add-on to search unlimited eBook and PDF files with facilities online PDF viewer.

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aguse ポップアップツール


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Rakuten Instant Link


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Cargador de Imagenes de ChilePic

Con este complemento podras cargar imagenes de un sitio externo a chilepic con tan solo el boton derecho del mouse y hacer clic en "Cargar imagen en ChilePic", y se sube automaticamente, tambien contamos con un redimensionador excelente.

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Bündelt die Mobile Versionen von Facebook, den Facebook-Chat,wer-kennt-wen und icq in einer Sidebar.
So kannst du sie immer im Auge behalten während du im Web surfst.
Viel Spaß!

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BAPS Client

BAPS Client add-on for creating an API for any web content to be later used in mobile application SDKs.
To create a few account go to: http://www.api-studio.com

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Blocks unwanted arzeshis that pollute Google Reader.

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Автоматичен модератор за форума на Investor.BG

Това приложение дава допълнителна функционалност към форума на www.Investor.BG. С негова помощ можете да скриете всички публикации на потребителите, които не Ви допадат по една или друга причина.

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bug625778 (bookmarks contextmenu should work) Kein Neustart

Workaround Bug 625778 - Unable to delete/create bookmark with right click after a Customize, And workaround Bug 688111 and Bug 688933

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Tired of looking up references?
No more manual decoding of the entries from the reference lists.
PasteREF will do that for you!

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YouTube MP3 Downloadhelper

You can Download every YouTube Videos to an MP3 Audio-File with this Addon.

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This is (for now) a really simple Add-on which allow you to refresh your CSS

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Augment the visualization of the web in an easy and safe way (requires Greasemonkey)

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Extension pour le site www.kikourou.net.

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Charlie Sheen Winning Interactive Theme

The Winning browser theme give you all you need to follow Charlie Sheen and be a winner!

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AZlink Maker

Easily make formatted Amazon Associate links HTML flagment from the context menu (like Make Link addon).

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Rasta Player

RastaStacja plugin for Firefox

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