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Recruitee Kein Neustart

Search for promising candidates on social sites and import them to your Recruitee account.

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RecScreenMaker Kein Neustart

Make screenshots recursively

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Recuperar Categorias Ocultas y TOPs Taringa Kein Neustart

Muestra las categorías ocultas de taringa y sus respectivos Top

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Red and Rover Comic Interactive Theme Kein Neustart

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL browser theme for your favorite comic! It's never been easier to follow 10-year-old Red, a boy who dreams of going to space and loves baseball, and his dog Rover, a loyal friend and chaser of squirrels.

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Red Google Theme

Colorful style for Google. Now also available in black, grey and blue!

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Red vs. Blue

The goal of this little game is to sort all red dots to left side and all blue dots to right side. Do this as fast as possible, the clock is...

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Red1 - Facebook downloader

*** New version at *** Utility to download Facebook inbox. Red1 downloads all your messages and stores them in text files on your computer for archiving, searching, printing or whatever.

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Reddcoin Tip Platform Kein Neustart

Adds a tip button to reddit, twitch, and twitter.

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Reddit AoS Request-O-Matic Kein Neustart

Reddit AoS Request-O-Matic was designed to assist moderators of /r/science. This extension replaces the "approve" button on removed comments and also provides a direct ban request button.

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Reddit Button Kein Neustart

The unofficial Reddit Firefox extension.

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Reddit Enhancement Suite Kein Neustart

A suite of tools to enhance Reddit

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Reddit Gold Kidding Kein Neustart

Display daily reddit gold goal in a frustrating way!
It loads up to 99% and then goes back down to the real value.

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Reddit History Kein Neustart

Keeps track of all the submissions you viewed on Reddit

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Reddit Inbox Revamp Kein Neustart

Reddit Inbox Revamp for Firefox. An extension that makes your reddit PM inbox, much; much better.

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Reddit Mail Checker Kein Neustart

Check your Reddit orangereds anytime with simple add-on.

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Reddit Mutilator

Reddit Mutilator chops out the parts of reddit that you dislike. Currently supported are blocking NSFW submissions, submissions from a particular user or domain, comments from a user, and removing a variety of unnecessary UI elements.

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Reddit on Youtube Kein Neustart

Adds Reddit comments to Youtube videos!

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Reddit Opener

Opens all current reddit links in new tabs and names them appropriately. Memorizes which links have been shown to you and does not open them again (e.g. when the site changes by upvotes/downvotes, only the new ones are opened up)

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Reddit Reveal

1.) Shows up/down votes for comments
2.) Shows user account age in days
3.) Show mark down source for comments and self-posts
4.) Shows vote score for new posts

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Reddit Search Quickfix

Reddit Search Quickfix is a simple addon that redirects all your Reddit searches to a Reddit-limited Google search. I have written this add-on due to sheer frustration with Reddit's poor search function. Hope you find this useful!

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