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SeLite Clipboard And Indent

It allows Selenium IDE to accept Selenese commands from another Selenium IDE instance through clipboard. It enables Selenese commands to be indented with spaces into blocks. It indents and unindents structured commands of SeLite SelBlocks Global.

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SeLite Commands

Selenium IDE Core extension. It provides various Selenese commands, for example for entering/selecting random input values.

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SeLite DB Objects

SeLite DB Objects provides mid-level objects for accessing test data in SQLite.

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SeLite Exit Confirmation Checker

It extends Selenium IDE. It's beneficial if your web app uses window.onbeforeunload to get confirmation when the user tries to leave an unsubmitted form etc. This extension helps to validate that the confirmation shows up exactly when it should.

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SeLite Extension Sequencer

SeLite Extension Sequencer - it loads user Core or IDE extensions of Selenium IDE in order reflecting their dependancies.

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SeLite Hands-on GUI

SeLite Hands-on GUI - Selenium IDE extension. It makes Selenium IDE GUI more practical. You can edit comments and targets and values of commands 'in place' (where they are listed).

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SeLite Miscellaneous

It provides miscellaneous internal components for various parts of SeLite group of extensions.

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SeLite Run All Favorites

It runs a sequence of all test suites marked as favorites in "Favorites (Selenium IDE)". It exports/imports test suite locations relative to user's home folder. The exports are formatted for easy editing and you can manage them in SVN/GIT.

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SeLite SelBlocks Global

For structured automated test scripts in Selenium-IDE

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SeLite Settings

It provides template-based visual interface and API to Firefox preferences. It allows preferences to be organised in sets and have single-valued and multi- valued free-type or choice fields.

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SeLite SQLite Connection Manager

It manages SQLite DB connection(s). It can be used with other extensions from SeLite family, or on its own.

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SeLite TestCase Debug Context

It's needed for SelBlocks Global. It works in Selenium IDE.

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Sellingly Kein Neustart

Sellingly for Gmail helps you automatically stay in touch with your important contacts. Send mass e-mails, track opens and more!

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SEM Tools

SEM Tools automates the manual, tedious tasks of running a PPC campaign so that you can do what you are good at... marketing and analysis.

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Semantic Checker

Checks your document for semantic elements and highlights them.

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Semantic Radar

Displays a status bar icon to indicate presence of Semantic Web (RDF) data in the web page. Click the icon to explore this information in more detail...

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Semantic Turkey

Semantic Turkey: a Knowledge Acquisition and Ontology Management Framework.

Important: read developers' comments below to get to the download (for the right version)!

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Semantic Web Search

semantic web application for firefox

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SemDrops: set of awesome tools to collect information of any site and to improve the interaction with Semantic Media Wikis.

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Semsy (セムシー)

Semsy はPC上から携帯電話のSMSを送受信できるアドオンです。

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