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Pimpoflage - Auto Hide Options for Status Bar and Navigation Bar

Pimpoflage creates a customizable auto hide function for both the top and bottom bars in firefox in windowed and fullscreen modes.

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Pin tall collages to drive repins, likes & traffic Kein Neustart

Pin tall vertical collages (up to 24 pictures) to drive more repins, likes and traffic!

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Pin the web

Pin notes on the webs you visit

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Pin to Pinbeads

This extension lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your boards.It is the official tool of Pinbeads(

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Pin Tool

Pin to Pinterset easily

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Pin Unpin Tab Kein Neustart

Pin or unpin current tab through new, cooler ways:
1. Customizable keyboard shortcut. Default is Alt-P
2. Firefox Developer Command line -> 'pintab' & 'unpintab'

UPDATE: Commands don't work anymore. They are disabled from version 1.0.

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pinBlock Kein Neustart

Hide Pinterest Promoted and Picked For You Pins on your home feed

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Pinboard Extension

Official Firefox Extension

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Pinboard IncSearch

This extension is a incremental search UI for Pinboard( ), You can find bookmarks very quickly.

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Pinboard Quick Bookmark Button

Adds a button that will allow you to quickly save a link to

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Firefox add-on for Bookmark web pages & add notes easily.

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pinch-to-zoom-firefox-osx Kein Neustart

This addon enable pinch to zoom functionnality on Mac OS X.

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pinchy Kein Neustart

Re-add pinch and swipe gestures to the trackpad (Mac only?).

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Pinfeels collect button

The easy way to collect photos and post your feelings to your albums with friends.

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PING Tools

PING Toolbar um alle wichtigen PING e.V. Dienste auf einen Klick erreichen zu können.

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Link Checker.
Looks for broken links on page, links that are not working anymore - returning 404 code.
You can select to check whole page, or just links in selection.
You can check anchors, options, area tags.
Is incredible fast and lightweight !

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Post to from FireFox. Supports all of Ping's contents types, your custom triggers, as well as Ping's posting shortcuts. It also includes a "Quote" feature which post the selected text and the URL to Ping.

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Pingle 省省吧!! Kein Neustart

Pingle 省省吧,提供Yahoo商城/購物中心、PChome購物/商店街、其他大型網購中心的即時比價服務,10秒內找到最便宜同型商品!!

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This Add-on is an excellent way for you to ping any page on-the-fly. If you are on a page and want to Ping it, just click on the Pingler icon in your Firefox browser and the URL of the page will be sent to Pingler and pinged automatically for you.

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A simple game extension...

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