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OpenCompare Kein Neustart

An add-on to replace any comparison table by OpenCompare Editor.
It allows you to select a table in a page and replace it by the OpenCompare editor.
The editor provides built-in capabilities for comparing products (e.g. sorting, filtering)

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OpenDNS Domain Tagging Assistant

Help users to submit or vote site tags to the Domain Tagging database by the right-click context menu. Make sure to sign in OpenDNS before use.

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Allows you to open any file from the internet into the OS assigned program. This is similar to IE's 'Open' or 'Run' file download functionality. ...

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Erweitert den "Speichern"-Dialog um einen Button, mit dem man die Datei direkt öffnen oder ausführen kann.

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OpenDrive is a service providing cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents from anywhere.

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Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help. Open-Dyslexic is an open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.

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OpenFarm - FarmeraMania Kein Neustart

OpenFarm ist ein Plugin um Daten eines bekannten Browsergames zu visualisieren. Weitere Infos sind unter zur Verfügung. Bitte beachte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und die AGB des Spieleherstellers.

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OpenID für Firefox

Erleichtert die Benutzung Ihrer OpenID bei Sites die dies unterstüzten. Ein Klick auf das OpenID icon im URLbar sendet Ihre OpenID zur Site.
Ziehen des Icons in ein Eingabefeld fügt Ihre OpenID dort ein.
Nutzen Sie Firefox Sync mit Firefox Mobile.

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OpenID Login

Provides a Login button to handle logging in to OpenID-enabled sites.

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openinfocard Identity Selector

Ermöglichst es Information Cards in Firefox zu benutzen

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openintabs Kein Neustart

Open URLs seperated by ENTERs from clipboard in tabs

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Restore the "replace tabs" option (close the current tabs before opening the new ones) when using "open in tabs" command with middle click on a directory containing one or several bookmarks.

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This extension allows you to open links in an existing window.

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OpenLink Kein Neustart

a basic add-on that open links to new tab whenever right mouse click on a search engine web page.

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OpenLink Data Explorer

A tool for generating structured descriptor documents for HTTP accessible resources. HTML+RDFa based Linked Data is the default Descriptor Document format. Other formats are available via page hosted links or content negotiation.

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OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-ODBC Bridge

Bridges the HTML5 Web SQL Database API to the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) API.

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OpenLink HTML5 WebDB-to-XMLA Bridge

Bridges the HTML5 Web SQL Database API to tabular XMLA (XML for Analysis) data sources.

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OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Kein Neustart

Reveals structured metadata (Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, etc.) embedded within HTML documents.

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Openmailbox access button Kein Neustart

This Button in your Toolbar opens OpenMailBox webpage on a new tab.

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convert session files of yamaha consoles, print channel lists and reports

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