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Montage Extension

Multiple devices, people and places connected in a shared workplace

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Montage Screen Sharing

This extension allows you to share your screen with other interview participants.

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Monthly Prayer Timetable

Islamic Monthly Prayer Timetable with HTML5 Geolocation

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Moo Later

Quickly save a page as a task in your Remember the Milk account. Automatically uses the title and url of the current page.

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Moodle Fixer

This extension improves a few features on the maynooth moodle page

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MoodyCall screen-sharing extension

MoodyCall screen-sharing extension

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Mooltipass Extension for Moolticute

Retrieve and store Mooltipass credentials easily from websites.
Works with Moolticute:
Moolticute binaries can be found at

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Enjoy YouTube videos in full quality! Fascination for eyes and ears.

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Moonlight TLS Control [Beta]

Scan a website for supported cipher suites. Easily set a cipher suite level to maximize the security of SSL/TLS channels.

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Moonlyt Screenshare Companion

A screen-sharing extension to be used with Moonlyt

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Play 100's of FREE premium online games instantly by installing this Add-On. Enjoy thrilling new games everyday. Join the fun now.

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Moqre Screen Capture

Moqre extension for screen capturing during video sessions.

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MordkiGame - Notyfikacje

Otrzymuj na bieżąco notyfikacje o statusie Twoich zgłoszeń.

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More About Benötigt Neustart

Adds "about:" menu and button.

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More Bookmarks Toolbar Benötigt Neustart

A second bookmarks toolbar with its own set of bookmarks.

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More Compact GMail

This very simple add-on hides the GMail top bar - repositioning the search box - to make it more compact and nice.

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More In Content UI Benötigt Neustart

More In Content UI in Firefox 4!

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More In Content UI + Benötigt Neustart

Use your Firefox without chaos of floating windows: Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Page Source, DOM Inspector or others if you want. View them directly in Firefox window.

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More or Less Browser Window Padding

This extension allows users to add blank space above, and to the right of, their tab bar. It can also be used to remove the extra padding, added by Firefox, in Windowed mode.

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More Search Engines in Context Menu

Add more search engines to the context (right-click) menu. These are in addition to the search engine currently selected in the search box.

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