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SecureLink Extension

This extension works with SecureLink Web Application to perform SSO.

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Smiley Pack for DesiDime

A pack of lovely smileys to bring your emotions alive on Desidime.

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You'll get a QRCode corresponding to the element where the context-menu was invoked:
blank area of a page: page URL,
link: link URL,
image: image source URL,
selection: selection text.

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Kurdistan Toolbar ( Benötigt Neustart

تولبار اختصاصی استانداری کردستان

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It's Firefox addon that adds 6 additional buttons to help @josevalim manage open source projects on Github

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Новости УНИАН

Последние новости Украины и мира

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Quick Copy 2

Automatically copies selected text to the clipboard.

***New Version***

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Online/Offline calculator for your custom EM needs.

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Gutschein-Finder von

Benachrichtigt automatisch über mögliche Gutscheine, Rabatte, Coupons und Sonderaktionen beim Online-Shopping im Internet.

Wenn Sie einen Shop besuchen für den Gutscheine oder besondere Angebote hinterlegt sind, werden Sie automatisch informiert.

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CL Pics Benötigt Neustart

Speed up browsing on Craigslist by putting images right in with search results. Also has a text preview option, image resizing, and image zoom-in, all with smooth animation.

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Send webmention though context menu.

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Translate Anytime


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Minimal Facebook chat without any distractions

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SDownload allows you to download any song from Soundcloud with only the click of a button! Not only that, but SDownload will automatically set the title, author, artwork and other ID3 tags before moving the song directly into your iTunes library!

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Disable Meta-Q

Disables the Meta-Q key

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Messageries Multiples

Cette extension vous permet de changer rapidement de messageries via une icône.
Compatible avec les principales messageries en France.
Une extension pour Mozilla Firefox très simple et très rapide à installer pour tous.

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Buy at your local book shop, right from Amazon's shopping cart.

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GContacts Panel Benötigt Neustart

Integrate your Google Contacts with Firefox in a simple way. No need extra login!!!

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VidConv Downloader for YouTube

Download your favourite songs and videos directly from YouTube, with a single click on a button. Many file formats are supported.

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Selenium IDE: Gosub Control Benötigt Neustart

A gosub control plugin for Selenium-IDE
A BASIC-like command is added - gosub, sub, endsub, return

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