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ESI Processor Benötigt Neustart

Let Firefox interpret ESI blocks if your web server doesn't support them. Useful for developers working on sites with ESI content. Open source, released under the Apache License.

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Renner Push Store

Push Store é um plugin exclusivo das Lojas Renner que adiciona um novo botão na barra de navegação do Firefox. A cada novidade que chegar na nossa loja virtual, você será avisado por uma notificação.

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Compresses URLs using PeekURL always shows a preview of the full link, so your users don't have to worry about being sent to 'bad' sites. Youtube, MTV, and MySpace videos are played directly in the page.

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php function cache

a helper of PHP function cache tool

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uReadMe Benötigt Neustart


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HN Ticker

A hacker news tab bar button.
This app will install a button on the tab bar that opens hacker news when clicked (

The button shows your karma updated every three minutes (configurable).

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Fashionbank notifications

This extension notifies fashionbank user of new job offers. Fashionbank account and login are required

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Aspator Benötigt Neustart

Aspator helps you to search and read patents and patent applications from USPTO ( quicker and more efficient. Bring all patent information to one page and save patent search results.

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OpenText ID Reader

Displays the OpenText Page ID of the current Webpage and copies the ID into Clipboard (by a Click on the ID).

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Quick Link Info Benötigt Neustart

Tired of many opened tabs or windows? Quick Link Info is the easiest way to see link content without following link. Just hold mouse pointer over link, and get title and a part of page content in tooltip.

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Get all Cookies in XML Benötigt Neustart

Save all cookies in cookie.xml file under profile directory

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27 Benutzer sharing Tool Benötigt Neustart

Cet addon vous permet de partager en quelques clics des adresse HTTP sur

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Easily apply to Craigslist listings using your profile!

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DOBBS: DERI Online Browsing Behavior Study Benötigt Neustart

DOBBS aims to get a deeper understanding how users browse the Web. The add-on that keeps track of users’ browsing behavior. DOBBS addresses privacy concerns: no personal data are collected: all sensitive data are encrypted. (

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Zona-Centro Add-on

This is an Add-on for the Portuguese Gaming Community "Zona-Centro".

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Have you ever been personally embarrassed because your friends or housemates found out something about your browsing history? Blushproof can help! Blushproof helps you remember to enter Private Browsing Mode, and also to clear your history.

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Bypass Russian internet censorship.

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helpplz uber

Search and browse over 40,000 free plz emoticons for use on the popular art community, Save your favorite plz accounts for easy access on any page! Add new and missing plz accounts to the database right from the plugin!

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Add-on that allow you to add multiple search engines in the context menu.
Also can be use for fast translation by google like this{0}

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