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Ne perdez plus de temps à chercher des codes de réduction.

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Random Wiki Requires Restart

Simple addon for wiki lovers to read a random wiki page

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pornsite blocker

For blocking porn or harm site, may useful for protect your kids or computer to access the site.

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人人微博分享 Requires Restart


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Amazon Affiliate Fox Requires Restart

Automatically adds your Amazon Tracking-IDs to (.de,, .ca,, .fr, .it, .es, .cn)
Generating direct links to the products without unnecessary redirects.

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Add-on take server side data and create element and display it.

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MP3 Converter Requires Restart

MP3 converter is a free mp3 and video converter/downloader add on. You can convert your youtube, daily motion, social cam, and a abundance of other videos to the mp3 format by using this software.

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Big Fish Coupons Requires Restart

Erhalten Sie in Ihrem Browser Hinweise auf Big Fish Games Angebote. Es gibt Rabatte von bis zu 100%!

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BooM Requires Restart

BOOkmark Marker highlights in a customizable way all the links on a webpage that belong to your bookmarks. It also displays the bookmark description, tags, and other details in a popup that shows up when the mouse moves over a bookmarked link.

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21 Benutzer right-click Image Upload Requires Restart

PictureScream offers this tool to its firefox users to Upload an Image with just a Single Click !

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Bosnian spell checker Requires Restart

This is a comprehensive spell checker that contains more than 300 000 words of the Bosnian language.

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Banckle Chat for Firefox Requires Restart

Banckle Chat offers Mozilla Firefox users to perform online collaboration with customers. Whether it’s providing online demos, customizing chat widget,monitoring visitor’s information or performing chat with fellow operators, Banckle Chat has it all.

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DOFO extension for Firefox Requires Restart allows you to get access to all the domain information of the webpage you are browsing just clicking a button: WHOIS, domain appraisal, trademark.

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Select Search Shop

Select Search Shop : select text and Search in different shops.
1. Select: Select product name/text
2. Search: Click on right click and search in different top shops.
3. Shop: Shop/Buy the product.
4. Get products at low price & Save Money.

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OFOTÉRT Netszemüveg

Az első internetes látásjavító

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AOTG Editing Site Sharing Tool Requires Restart

The AOTG Editing Site Sharing Tool allows those in the film editing community to share blogs, podcasts, videos, articles and more with other editors through the site. Simply click the icon and submit the page and it will appear on AOTG.COM.

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New Tab Position Toggle Requires Restart

Klick mit benutzerdefinierter Maustaste öffnet neuen Tab an anderer Position als normaler Mausklick (nächster vs. letzter Tab). Maustaste und nötige Tasten wie Alt, Strg, Wahl und Umschalt können konfiguriert werden (nützlich für Laptopbenutzer).

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YouLoop Requires Restart

A lightweight Loop-Button embedded into the YouTube ButtonBar.

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AcsTrigger Requires Restart

Easily toggle the option to allow or not a website to use their own colors.

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