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Steam Market - Favorite Items

Create your own list of items to keep track of in the Steam Market

For more information, please check homepage:

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Helper utility for enabling screen sharing

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Netlux Adblocker

Block unwanted ads.

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Notes pour Pronotes

Notes permet de calculer la moyenne automatiquement sur Pronotes.

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Check your smiletron version.

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Heuristic Network Prefetcher (beta)

Prefetch pages to reduce access latency

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Extension allow you to create shopping list across various ecommerce websites and notifiy you whenever price falls down via email.

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Lines Benötigt Neustart

To play Lines use: right-click or Tools menu.

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Screen Capturing

Captures and shares your screen in Firefox

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Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Handle structured conversations more conveniently.

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Generate a Wikipedia citation from the current page, using Reflinks.

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黑苹果驱动之家快捷工具 Benötigt Neustart

黑苹果驱动之家 - 您身边的黑苹果电脑专家

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Spann Reminder

Reminds to give your eyes 10 mins rest every hour - by

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Create a shared and public reading list for the articles you recommended and share it with friends.

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Store and share you links in one click!

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AutoCaptcha for Firefox

Fills in the captcha on

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Link from Plain Text

Easy way to use plain text as a link. Using either context-menu or hotkeys

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Danger Dashboard

Display a dashboard with info about Web Components support

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