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Open Secure

Adds the ability to open a non-secure URL by applying the secure https protocol.

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Quickfire Kein Neustart

Launch External Applications from the URL Bar.

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eBayBuddy UK (United Kingdom

Easy access to eBay UK and related tools via the right-click context menu and/or the toolbar button menu. To search without typing anything, simply highlight Text on a page and double click eBay Buddy.

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Shrinks long URL with TinyURL.

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National Dodgeball League - Official Theme

National Dodgeball League Boom - The OFFICIAL theme and extension

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Fantasy Baseball's Fantasy Phenoms Theme

Fantasy Phenoms Boom includes: embedded news as well as an expandable sidebar with exclusive news and games from Fantasy Phenoms.

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Zotero plugin for MONK Project

This extension to Zotero provides users with the ability to import collections from Zotero that have been created using MONK Flamenco.

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New look 'n feel and functions for Eksi Sozluk

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Nice Translator

The fastest way to use Nice Translator in Firefox.

Follow updates at:

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ECM Toolbar

A toolbar for your electric use. Requires ECM 1220 or 1240, products of Brultech Research, Inc and ECM Server software. The Energy Consumption Monitor (ECM) is a home energy monitor that allows you to see electricity usage in real-time.

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Microstock Royalty Free Image Search Toolbar (picNiche)

Suche Multiple Microstock Fotografie und Vector Image Agenturen für Royalty Free Stock Images oder Licensed submit Image-Anfragen direkt an die Beitragszahler um Zeit zu sparen und suchen Sie hart-zu-Bilder finden.

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Vouchers.Im Indicator

Indicator of active discounts and vouchers for the currently visited website.

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Tooltip Plus

Show tooltips for links and images with URLs, icons, alt text, and long titles.

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Google Date

"Last updated date of the site" is displayed in the retrieval result of Google and the statusbar.

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A Firefox sidebar to easily shorten URLs, plus add Google Analytics tracking tags. Great for measuring traffic from Social channels. Snip-n-Tag currently supports five of the most popular URL shortening websites, including, and tinyurl.

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Ad Hacker

Ad Hacker shows you which advertisers and publishers are following you around the Internet. Developers can see details about Javascripts, beacons, and other web bugs. Write your own rules for finding bugs in XML, or visit

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Foxy URL

Shorten long urls right from your favorite browser.

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Hard Music Magazine Theme

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the HM Magazine Interactive theme includes links to the magazine's site, embedded news, sidebar with more news, exclusive content and video!

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1 Benutzer URL shortener

URL shortening via service, one of the shortest URL services available.
Shrink any long URL with a single click and use it in blogs, twitter or email. for Firefox is based on the service and uses SEO friendly redirects

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