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Temporary Bookmarks

This addon allows you to designate a bookmark folder to keep bookmarks only for a short period of time, for example until you close the browser, or for a few days.

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jailbreak for google widget Benötigt Neustart

If your google search is limited by local government, It is a very good helper.

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Image Stopper

This add-on allows the user to quickly enable or disable automatic loading of images in Firefox. Simply hit CTRL(Command)-Shift-i to toggle image loading on or off.

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Push To BlackBerry

Instantly send any web page from your Firefox browser to your BlackBerry 10 device!

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Bookmarks Tab Benötigt Neustart

Bookmarks Tab is a very simpe and lightweight extension which displays a list of your bookmarks in the middle of newly opened tabs.
Note: Click "View other versions" and get the latest version.

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Blink Enable Benötigt Neustart

Enable the blink tag and text-decoration:blink.

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Super Mario Cross Benötigt Neustart

The legendary arcade game that has survived the ages and can still be found today in modern arcades. You may have played this game when you were a kid and want to have a bit of fun remembering what it was like.

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URL Shortner Benötigt Neustart

Site on shortening yours of links. From link length make the short.

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simple rURL

Dieses kleine Add-on fügt dem Context-Menu den Punkt -kurze URL dieser Seite per hinzu. Ein Klick übermittelt die URL der aktuellen Seite und zeigt die verschiedene rURL-Varianten in einem neuem Tab an.

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direninternet Benötigt Neustart

Çapulcunun Firefox eklentisi...

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Firefox addon to TLDRify article with textteaser API

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MY Gotchya! Easy Shopper Finder Benötigt Neustart

Gotchya! Easy Shopper for Firefox

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Go to the link

open selected web address with new browser tab

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League of Legends Events

This is an Extension wich provides a list of upcoming League of Legends events.

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Pipocastv App

Pesquisa de legendas no site

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OKPrezzi Benötigt Neustart

Con la ToolBar di OkPrezzi potrai trovare subito e con semplicità l'offerta migliore relativa a qualsiasi prodotto in vendita Online!

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GMail Helper for Tab Badge

Adds an "unread items" count to the page title when you're viewing GMail.

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D2N Agent Benötigt Neustart

This program updates unofficial maps related to the browser game die2nite

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XML Digital Signature Tool Benötigt Neustart

XML Digital Signature Tool is a Firefox add-on for processing Digital Signature in XML documents
(Please read the installation instruction in the "Developer Comments" section before downloading)

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