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Alternative RuneScape Gamebar Kein Neustart

All the functionality of the RuneScape game bar, but without the Conduit annoyances.

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Language Help

Looks up selected word in the dictionary. English, Chinese and Spanish bilingual dictionaries supported.

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Replace tags and hashtags with interactive images - cozytags.
On any website or blog, even on the twitter and facebook.

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Facebook zoom picture

Memperbesar gambar pada photo profil atau pada gambar di halaman Facebook

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Tombol Balas Komentar

Menambahkan tombol balas pada komentar

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Search Organizer With Baskets

Organize sites that you want in a basket-like way. Take them with you and work even offline. All in a visual way. You can see thumbnails of any link that you're about to visit. with the help of Generally you can organize faster!

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Cisco Flip

Replace your facebook profile with your flip video

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Amazon Shopping Cart Images

An add-on which shows images in your shopping cart

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Duplicate 2 Window Kein Neustart

Open new windows with the current URL!

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Une extension qui permet de raccourcir des URLs en 1 clic puis de les copier dans le presse-papier !

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A greasemonkey script which transform your facebook in Black and green.

That's not my script it come from :

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A simple editor for executing snippets of JS.

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При нажатии PageDown или " ` " для пролистывания страницы позволяет просматривать картинки (и элементы с видео) не обрезая их. Так же можно использовать кнопку в тулбаре. Для обычного пролистывания можно использовать пробел.

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Access FreeNetI in iran

Bypasses the filter in Iran.
با نصب این افزونه میتوانید بدون فیلتر به سایت اینترنت ازاد ایران دسترسی داشته باشید .

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the Firefox Extension!

Remove limitation and watch videos from streaming platforms. Backup/Regenerate your links.

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300 Benutzer удобное и быстрое чтение новостей

Легкое и удобное чтение новостей с сайта без рекламы и с минимум щелчков мыши

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Limanowa Live

Limanowa Live jest aplikacja umożliwiająca szybki podgląd na to co się dzieje na rynku w Limanowej.

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Change Search Shortcut

Allows to change the search shortcut. After the comedy with Panorama taking over CTRL+E, then switching to CTRL+SHIFT+E, without restoring CTRL+E, I've decided to make this very simple plug-in to allow people to choose their own shortcut.

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Link Pager

Go to next/previous page using 'rel' attribute.

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Kaskus Quick Reply+

provide a quick reply feature, under circumstances capcay required

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