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TortoiseSVN Menu Benötigt Neustart

Add TortoiseSVN commands to link context menus to allow easily browsing Subversion repositories. Must have TortoiseSVN already installed.

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TRUSTe Tracker Protection Beta Benötigt Neustart

The TRUSTe charter is to provide consumers with the best privacy tools that allow for transparency and control of their personal information. This tool will help people manage their privacy across the web.

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Google Adsense Checker Benötigt Neustart

Google Adsense Checker can display the Adsense earnings on statusbar, it is similar to adsense notifier.

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Share access to websites without giving away your username and password. Share access with an Access URL instead.

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Grab and Drag Benötigt Neustart

Enables Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag scrolling, Flick gestures, and Momentum scrolling in Firefox. Useful for (older) pen or touchscreen-based devices for which these gestures are not natively supported. Not useful on Windows 8 touch devices.

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Google Translation

Translate to your native language a selected text

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Новые визуальные закладки Mail.Ru

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121 Benutzer - Update Bookmarks has moved to – update your bookmarks by simply adding extension.

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Norton Safe Web

Protects your browser from online threats.

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MA Auto Reload

A auto reload add-on

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Dodatek automatycznie uzupełniający dane przelewu bankowego w serwisie

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Battletag for Battlelog™

Adds a right click menu to all server join buttons, where you can either type in a new tag or select one of the platoons you're in.

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Vine Downloader

Download Vines to your computer.

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ipFlood Benötigt Neustart

Simulate the use of a series of proxy changing at each new connection.

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Disable HTML5 Autoplay

Disable autoplay and preloading of HTML5 video and audio players.

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SilveOS Firefox addon Benötigt Neustart - Silverlight operating system. It is a website that simulates an operating system inside web browser. You can launch applications right away without installation and it will be executed in draggable and resizable windows.

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Spar dich reich ✔ Rabatte, Gutscheine, Coupons und Aktionen für über 5.500 Online-Shops.

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Norton Safe Search

Provides safe searching experience.

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BlockSite Benötigt Neustart

BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.

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Wayback Machine

Detects dead pages, 404s, DNS failures & a range of other web breakdowns, offering to show archived versions via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. In addition you can archive web pages, and see their most recent & first archives.

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