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Adblock Plus von Wladimir Palant

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Blockiert Videowerbung auf YouTube, Facebook-Werbung, aufdringliche Werbebanner etc. nach Ihren Wünschen.

Adblock Plus blockiert nervige Werbung und unterstützt Webseiten, indem es unaufdringliche Werbung standardmäßig nicht blockiert (änderbar)
Hinweis des Sammlers This is the first add-on I install.

BetterPrivacy von IKRG

'Super-Cookie' Daten Schutz (LSO Flash, eBay Langzeitverfolgung)
Hinweis des Sammlers This is used to manage flash cookies. Options I have checked in preferences: Auto-delete Flash cookies on application exit, On cookie deletion also delete empty cookie folders, Disable DOMStorage, Disable Pint Tracking. So far I haven't run into any problem sites. If so you can add exceptions in BetterPrivacy.

Permit Cookies von Daniel Lindkvist

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Set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing.
Hinweis des Sammlers If it says this add-on is incompatible with your version see the developer's site at for an updated one (hopefully he'll get the updated pushed here) The way I use this is set firefox to keep cookies untile "I close firefox." This can be set in preferences > privacy. With that set (and clear all your current unwanted cookies) I then use permit cookies to allow sites that I want to keep cookies permanently. This is needed on bank sites that need to "authenticate" your browser.

Force-TLS von Sid Stamm

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Force-TLS helps you manage sites that must be loaded over HTTPS only. Strict-Transport-Security is built into Firefox, but without a UI; this lets you import/export and manage these settings.
Hinweis des Sammlers You need a minimum of version 2.0 (visit developer's site if not listed here) There are some websites where you'd like the ability to allways have an SSL connection. This add-on will do just that. With version 2.0+ you can specify sites you want to force SSL on. Once added any address to that domain will be sent through SSL. Suggested sites to add would include your bank, paypal,, social networking sites like facebook, web email sites, etc. NOTE: forcing SSL like this may not work on some websites if they're not configured to accept it.

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