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Download Online Videos von fidodidos

This is a group of addons which help firefox users download online videos hosted on video sites like Youtube , Metacafe , Myspace , ........... and others.

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Games! von Mozilla

Play games right from your browser, anytime. Puzzles, action, classic video games, even stuff for kids—turn Firefox into your very own arcade!

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Charles favorite Add-ons von cryptou

My favorite add-ons

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Better Webapps von Gina Trapani

All the Better extensions in one place.

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A List of Stable, Non-Conficting and Essential addons von ChessWriter

A List of Stable addons which ussually play well with Firefox and its other addons.

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Picture Tools (P.Tools) von TheEye

Kleine Hilfen, um das Browsen, Betrachten und Abspeichern von visuellem Content komfortabler zu machen und dabei keine Spuren zu hinterlassen.

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Io Amo Firefox ♥ von _gilga

estensioni che uso di solito

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Download Master von alperozgur

Tools for power downloaders. Helps you download images, music, video, software from websites and from other users using Bittorrent technology without ever leaving Firefox.

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Web Developer Pack von Lifehacker.Addons

Get more done on the web while you're making it.

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Whimboo's Developer Tools von Henrik Skupin

All those extensions are used for development of chrome and content code.

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Firefox power up! von Gabuds

With all those add-on, you can make your Firefox be more powerful than it is. All those add-on will give you the fastest access to anything, plus the most useful utilities you can have.

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User Experience Kit von Dhaval Katrodiya

A collection of carefully chosen addons which extends the power and functionality of Firefox,
Subscribe to my collection so as to keep abreast with the development of new and better addons.

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Firebug Erweiterungen von Ashai

Diese Collection wird immer auf dem aktuellen Stand gehalten und enthält ALLE Firebug-Extensions.
Die dich nicht unter gelisted sind werde ich in einem Blogeintrag aufführen.

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SEO's Toolbox von Nico Steiner

The best extensions for Search Engine Optimization.

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Must-Have Media von Mozilla

Take better screenshots, improve your video experience, finally learn how to make a GIF, and other fancy media tools.

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I ♥ FireFox (Eu ♥ FireFox) von SHAOLLIN

Recommended for you to have a great experience with FireFox !!! Subscribe plz
Recomendado para você ter uma ótima experiência com FireFox !!!
Subscribe plz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

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Speed Enhancements von rob64rock

These add-ons will enhance your page loading, with features like ad blocking, network tweaks, cache improvements and much more..

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Themes von flirtie547


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Windows 7 Theme von Vitrious

Stylish Scripts\r\n\r\n\r\n

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Integrated Gmail Redesigned von MichaelAtUVa

Combines Integrated Gmail with the redesigned interface of Google Redesigned.

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