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Warum wurde "TellyFit" geschaffen?

I made this add-on out of necessity, it fixed a genuine annoyance of mine. Sometimes I'd want to have video playing in a small window while I carried on working...it was really fiddly trying to resize the window so as not to waste screen real-estate, then scroll the content into the correct place - every time you resize the window the position of the internal content shifts. Horrific. I have already wasted far too many minutes of my life on this.

Was kommt als nächstes für TellyFit

upcoming feature ideas

  • possibly (if I can make it work without spoiling the simple nature of the add-on) a playlist, so you can store videos (not the actual video just a lightweight reference to where it is), to watch later.
  • an option to turn off all hotkeys (in case they clash with other programmes) or perhaps make them customisable via the options panel (if anybody cares about that?)
  • an option to add/remove the TellyFit entry from the tools menu (removed by default)
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    Name Firm Gently
    Homepage http://www.firmgently.co.uk/
    Benutzer seit October 31, 2012
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