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Works as advertised. FF developers why was this removed, surely it couldn't be that big of a deal to have it on the context menu? Thanks for making the addon!

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Thanks for giving this useful feature back. It works as advertised and as I remember.

Removing it from FF was dumb, dumb, dumb- kind'a like giving somebody a 1-button mouse and telling them its just as good as the 3-button mouse they've used for years...

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It works! Brilliant. Thanks for saving me hours of searching.

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Fixed the (FF)developers odd removal of a valuable context menu item. Much obliged.

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Thank you so much! I was so used to using this feature that when it was removed I almost changed my browser...

WTF were they thinking. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Sooooo stupid to remove this feature! Thank you for making a way to add it back!!!

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A useful addon.

Dieser Benutzer hat eine ältere Bewertung zu diesem Add-on.

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Thanks so much-perfect! It was a stupid move to remove this from FF. Seems FF forgot the old adage - if it ain't broke don't fix it. And they rather waste my time fixing something they broke.

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Replaces functionality that was stupidly removed, and works perfectly in 18.0.1. Why would someone rate this as 4 stars when his only complaint was that original functionality had been removed. Also, the guy who left 4 stars for missing subject should edit to 5 stars since that now works fine.

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for me it's working perfect in 17.0.1 ! Thanks!

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For some reason this is not working with the latest 17.0.1 update? Tried several resets, but alas, no change?

Is this related to new version or I have missed something?

Thank you Jasna for making some sense in what seems to be Mozilla fashion fest to remove the very last bit of functionality in Firefox. What is next? Should we look in coming months, add-on for "Save as" in, say FF20?

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My thanks as well!
I was waiting for it. :-)

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thank you...I used this all the time before it was removed

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Why the fu*k does mozilla tinker things that was fine in the last 15 versions?When 'send link' went awol, I thought it was a problem with my machine. If ff didn't have best add-ons in the browser market, I'd left for chrome long time ago.

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Another extension needed to restore an useful feature removed from Firefox for the sake of so called "minimalism" .

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NOT smart move taking this feature from Firefox!
Thanks JasnaPaka for giving this back!
Only problem, I have 8 profiles and I'll have to add it eight times, but at least I have it back. Thanks Firefox developers for the trouble. :(

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This extension works as described - I've already tested it. It's a shame to have to install an addon to replace what's always been available to us in the past, but I'm VERY grateful to the addon author - THANKS!

According to Mozilla forums, some "heat map" told them mailing links from the context menu wasn't being used often enough to justify keeping it there. I use it frequently to send my husband amusing/interesting links via email, as he doesn't do social sites and still uses a dumbphone. I wonder how long it'll be before we see something else put into the context menu - perhaps a "Partnered Link"?

Danke! (Ist sogar auf Deutsch!) Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Vielen Dank für das einfache Plugin, dass die Kurzsichtigkeit einiger Firefox-Entwickler prima ausgleicht. Hätte nicht erwartet, dass es sogar auf Deutsch daher kommt!

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Brilliant. A major usability regression reversed. :)