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This extension does its job as advertised.

If you have a specific need for avoiding an ad page, etc. and there is a GET request means of avoiding it, this should do the job. I've requested though that the author allow keyword style searches (e.g., "goo test") that took advantage of the extension's use of regular expressions (as opposed to Firefox's default keyword bookmarks).

Author was prompt and responsive to suggestions for improvement.

Tested in Windows version

Has one error which shows up in Console 2 during editing of the URL's and another one during redirecting, but these did not seem to affect functionality.

As far as the interface/other features, I'm also not clear what "only if link exists" means in this context (in the edit window), and I don't see documentation of what the "wildcards" are (regexp shouldn't need that, but I don't think there is a universal standard for wildcards).

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