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Version 3.0 21.7 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0 und neuer, Thunderbird 19.0 und neuer

FEATURE: Compatibility with Thunderbird was realized.
FEATURE: The font size is now freely adjustable between 8px and 48px.
FIX: A 32x32px icon was added for the Australis interface.

Version 2.4 15.0 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0 und neuer

FIX: Minimal compatibility with the Australis interface was realized.

Version 2.2 14.6 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 17.0 und neuer

FEATURE: Translations of the button tooltip were added for de, es, fr, ja, ru and zh.
FEATURE: Links to other extensions by the same developer were added.
FIX: Button icon now is gray and differently shaped when extension is switched off.
FIX: Font size is now correctly stated to be in pixels and not in points.

Version 2.1 7.8 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 19.0 und neuer

FEATURE: The size sub-menu now uses localized language group descriptions (from options dialog 'fonts.xul').
FIX: The size sub-menu is now accessible to browsers with a right-to-left menu layout.
FIX: The toolbar button is now also placed back on the navigator toolbar during re-enabling.

Version 1.0 7.0 KB Funktioniert mit Firefox 14.0 und neuer