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Warum wurde "Language Pack Install Helper" geschaffen?

When new version of Firefox was released, Language Pack was disabled.
Because Language Pack not update automatically then version is not match.

So I had to install additional Language Pack manually everytime.

The installation process is simple but boring.
Therefore, I've developed this addon that I can install additional language pack easily.

Was kommt als nächstes für Language Pack Install Helper

I will support GUI(Language Panel) <- done version 2.0
I will support Thunderbird if Addon SDK support Thunderbird.
I will support batch mode for install multiple languages.

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Name backy0175
Ort Kyoto, Japan
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Benutzer seit February 24, 2012
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Basically, I have created addons that I need.<br/>and I am using a variety of software available from the Internet every day.<br/>So, I think that it I could give back by exposing addons that I created.