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Warum wurde "IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab)" geschaffen?

I created the IE Tab add-on for Chrome. Users came to me when the original IE Tab stopped working because they didn't like the alternatives (the IE Tab Plus developers are shady, and the extension is buggy). They asked me to pick up where the old IE Tab left off, and I did exactly that: Took the original IE Tab and updated it to make it work with the current versions of Firefox.

Was kommt als Nächstes für IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab)

* IE version selection (i.e. IE7, IE8, and doc compatibility modes)

* One-click settings import for web masters and IT departments to pre-configure url filters

* Zoom support

* Font selection

* What do you want or need? Tell us at http://www.ietab.net/forum, or with your donation

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