HackSearch 1.1.1-signed.1-signed


HackSearch erfordert, dass Sie die folgende Endbenutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung akzeptieren, bevor Sie mit der Installation fortfahren können:

Disclaimer: The addon, HackSearch is intended to be used only to discover issues with the site/sites that you own so that you can secure it to an extend. Please make sure you are either the owner or someone authorised to test the site before you use it. We or the addon does not guarantee complete security against malicious users or programs. The addon is only to be used as an aid to discover the vulnerabilities associated with your sites. For complete security you would have to get your site security tested from a reputed security testing firm.

We or the addon do not guarentee the accuracy or security of the data returned from the third party sites such as www.google.com, www.intodns.com and www.robtext.com and are not responsible in any way for any issues that might happen by browsing/searching in those sites. Please make sure you check the third party privacy policies and FAQ pages before testing your site.

Testing on unauthorised sites or editing the google results obtained from the addon search to show vulnerabilities of other affected sites and carrying forward by clicking on the links could cause you to break the law. Neither the HackSearch addon nor the developers of it are responsible for what you do with it on the websites that you do not own and you are at your own risk.

By loading this page you agree to have read and understood everything mentioned in the disclaimer.

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